How to Change Your Life with Your Thoughts and Beliefs


If your life is not as joyful as you would like it to be, it is because your thoughts and beliefs are not aligned with your desires and passions. They are not in alignment with who you were crated to be.

Did you know that you can deliberately create the reality you want using your thoughts and beliefs?  You can change your life by changing the story you are telling about your life. Change the thoughts you think and it will change your reality. Your beliefs about your reality will change.

Here are 4 tips that can help you do that:

Step 1: Use affirmations correctly

Affirmations don’t really work for people in the ways that have been taught to them, because when you have a belief like: “I’m not good enough” that has been backed up by years of proof, when you say “I’m good enough” it contradicts your own intelligence, it sounds like a lie. It makes you more aware of where you aren’t rather than closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

So we need to back up a little bit and be incremental. We need to place stepping stones on our road to closing the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

Here is an example: If you hold the belief that: “I am not good enough,” just saying “I am good enough” won’t work, but if you start looking for small evidences that you are good enough you can start bridging the gap.

Step 2: Come up with things you actually do believe which are on the way to the belief that “I am good enough.”

Here is an example: Instead of thinking “I’m not good enough,” think: “I am a deep thinker,” or “I am an inspirational speaker,” or “I have valuable things to share with people.” That can be a mental step toward “I am good enough.”

Those are the types of thoughts you want to be using as affirmations.

Practice beliefs (incrementally) that are closer and closer to the vibration of “I am good enough.” Pretty soon that gap will be closed and you will believe it.

Step 3: Try this experiment

Choose something that you have no emotional attachment to and spend 10 minutes a day focusing on it and visualizing it. Don’t choose something you care a lot about because if you are emotionally attached or you are desperate for this thing to manifest you will experience resistance.

For example: you could choose horses or butterflies or whatever, as long as you really aren’t attached to it at all. If for example you choose horses, then set your alarm for 10 minutes and start visualizing riding them, feeding them, stroking their manes etc. Try to visualize in a way that involves your senses (smell it, taste it, feel it). Loose yourself completely in the experience until the timer goes off. Keep this up for at least a week and you will soon find that the thing that you chose to focus on is showing up in your life in amazing ways – on bumper stickers, movies, articles etc. You will be amazed at how this will help you gain the belief that what you focus on becomes a part of your reality. Once you gain a belief in this principle you can begin to use it for other things more relevant to your desires.

Step 4: Look for new evidence of your new belief. The brain is like a scientist and you can send it out on a scavenger hunt for new proof. Once you focus on the proof – more proofs will appear. It will snowball into your experience until you are sitting in an entirely different reality.

I hope you will experiment with these 4 tips and as always I am interested in your insights and experiences.

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How to understand the Law of Attraction – Universal Laws!


Most people today are familiar with the Law of Attraction, because of the popular movie “the Secret,” but the movie didn’t tell the whole story. Most people aren’t aware that there are other universal laws that need to be understood in order for the Law of Attraction to bring the results they desire. In order to reap the benefits of one law it’s important to understand what the other universal laws are and how they work together.

Here are a few other laws and how they compliment each other:

1. Law of attraction – the universe will mirror back to you an exact match for the vibrational frequency of your thoughts and emotions.

2. Law of allowing – letting go and allowing universal laws to work in their own time, without mental resistance or physical constriction.

3. Law of deliberate creation– your power to choose what you will believe, think and feel – choosing your vibrational frequency.

4. Law of sufficiency and abundance – understanding that there is no lack in the Universe and we are connected to the source of all abundance. As your mind becomes attuned to abundance, your body will actually vibrate in abundance.

5. Law of detachment– being able to focus on an intention without trying to “make things happen” – remaining detached from the results.

6. Law of pure potentiality–  the Universe has the potential for infinite possibilites that are waiting to manifest.

7. Law of polarity – anything that the mind can conceive, has polar opposites that can be focused on. If we take money as an example, one polar extreme is poverty while the other is wealth.

These laws all work together, but the one law that brings them all together is the “law of sufficiency and abundance,” because if your mind is attuned to abundance then your body literally vibrates with abundance.

If you’re in a place of allowing, you’re vibrating a signal of abundance, you’re in a place of total detachment,

Here are some tips  for remaining detached and allowing these laws to work.

It’s kind of like going to a restaurant,

1. You ask the waiter or waitress for your order (asking).

2. Then you let go and let the restaurant staff do their work (allowing).

3. You don’t need to keep asking them when the order is coming (detachment).

4. Be excited to receive your order. Visualize the enjoyment you will  feel when the order arrives (gratitude).

I hope this post has been helpful and inspiring. Please take a minute and share your thoughts on “Universal Laws.”

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How To Manage The Frustration of Pursuing Your Dream!

hs football

When I was in High School I was on the football team. Because I was the smallest player on the team I realized that my chances of  getting significant playing time were pretty slim. But I was following my passion. I loved the game and I was compelled to be a part of it.

My senior year, we were playing an away game, and when I arrived at the stadium they refused to let me in because they didn’t believe I was actually on the team. Opposing players would laugh at me, but I kept doing what my heart desired. Finally a couple of games into my senior year I got the opportunity to start at running back when one of our star players got hurt. I couldn’t believe it, my dream had come true!  Everything I had put my faith in and sacrificed for had finally come to pass. I was starting at running back in the big rivalry game, which we won.

If you have a dream in your heart, it is because it is supposed to be there! It is propelling you towards something you were meant to do. It may be the hardest thing you have ever done, but eventually you will find that your experience was meant to be. If you are frustrated with waiting for your dream to come true, here are a few suggestions:

1. Visualize! Keep a vision in your mind of your dream being realized.

2. Stay inspired! Inspired-action never seems like hard work, even if you are working harder than you ever have.

3. Remain patient! Never give up. Allow the right circumstances to fall into place. When you have a dream the Universe will conspire to bring it to pass.

4. Maintain your passion! Put all your emtional energy into it. Emotion is the language the Universe understands.

5. Remember that without pursuing your dreams, they cannot happen!

What are your experiences with pursuing a dream?

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