How to Do What Brings you Joy!

Joy 2

“People suffer when they pursue a life or chase a dream that doesn’t belong to them” – Carolyn May

Life is too short to continue living a joyless life! How do you want to spend your days? A high percentage of people are spending their
days doing things they don’t like doing. They are tip-toeing through life hoping to get safely to death. This is your life! If you are spending your days doing something you don’t like to do – WAKE UP AND LIVE! ACT AS IF IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL!

1. Look deep inside and ask yourself “What brings me joy?” Whatever that is, that is what you are meant to experience. You were created to follow your joy. Make the commitment to discover what brings you joy and do it every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. The things that bring you joy are given to you to guide you to your Divine Purpose. Begin opening your life to more and more of these things.

2. start looking at how you can take your joy and turn it into a business of your own.When I talk about living your joy, people immediately respond by saying “What if I have to work at a job? I have to pay my bills!” There are no “have to’s.” Everything is a choice. It’s the belief that you don’t have a choice that is the problem.

Without knowing the principle of resonance, you cannot understand the idea of your career becoming your calling, and you
will continue looking outside yourself for a “job.”

3. Fully align with spiritual principles and your career will emerge from a purpose and passion that isn’t separate from who you are, but is rather an extension of who you are.

There is an open window of opportunity right now that we have never seen in history. There is no reason, in the day and age we live in, that people can’t take their passion and with the power of the internet and social media connect with an audience of people that share that passion, and provide them information, services or products that they are really looking for.

There is no reason to stay stuck! Take your passion and open your mind to the information that will allow you to serve your flock of followers and in time you will have a business that you are so passionate about that you can’t wait to get out of bed to get going. When you feel that way, you can’t help but succeed.

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How to Increase your Bandwidth to Divine Intelligence (Part 3)


Everything is Energy

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy; this is science.” – Albert Einstein

It’s not Philosophy; it’s Science

I love that Einstein said; “this is not philosophy; this is science,” but maybe he could have said “It’s not just philosophy, it’s also science,” because I believe it is both. I believe Einstein found the connection between philosophy and science. It’s called Universal law!

Universal laws are where science and philosophy come together; it is where the physical (visible) and spiritual (invisible) worlds combine. Einstein’s statement that “everything is made up of unseen energy,” helps connect True Success with Divine Purpose.

All physical matter is just energy vibrating at different frequencies. This is a universal law that has been confirmed by science. Spiritual matter is energy as well; it just vibrates at a much higher frequency.

In order to access the higher frequency of the spiritual realm, you must raise your own frequency. There are numerous things you can do to raise your frequency. First, though, you must truly have the intent to learn with spiritual guidance about loving yourself and others. When you have a true, pure intent to learn, your frequency automatically rises. Your intent to learn is your most powerful tool for raising your frequency.

I believe that part of Albert Einstein’s Divine Purpose was to discover that “everything is energy.” Your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions are made up of energy that affects your ability to  resonate with the right people, opportunities and inspired ideas. Your Divine Purpose has a vibrational frequency that flows from a divine energy source. The frequency of that higher energy has the power to transform your life.

All Energy Flows From a Source of Divine Intelligence

Max Plank, another world-renowned scientist, is known for his breakthroughs in the understanding of the atom. Scientists like Max are typically left-brained guys, who don’t tend to be philosophical. By nature they need to have data and hard proof.

Amazingly, Max Plank, as he accepted the Nobel Prize, said: “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you, as the result of my research about Atoms, this much. There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an Atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.”

The greatest scientist on the planet says: “We must assume that beyond this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” – Max Plank.

It seems that the greatest scientific mind of our time is saying. There is a Source of intelligence from which all energy and power flow.

The Universe is God’s Divinely Organized System

“The whole universe, in its essential nature, is the movement of energy and information.” – Deepak Chopra

Whether we recognize it or not, universal physical laws like gravity are constantly at work in our lives. For instance, when an airplane is flying it would appear that the Law of Gravity is not in effect, but in reality it’s because the Law of Gravity is in effect that the plane is actually able to fly. A plane cannot take off, steer, or maneuver without the power of gravity. Gravity is working in every aspect of flight.

Just as the Universe has constant physical laws, like the law of gravity, it also has spiritual laws which work nonstop and affect all aspects of our lives. These laws exist in The Universe as part of God’s divinely organized system by which all things operate.

Energy is a part of this divinely organized system. It makes up the building blocks out of which the universe constructs every material thing, including all forms of life. Through a process which only Divine Intelligence completely understands, the universe translates energy into matter. Nature’s building blocks are available to man, in the energy involved in thinking! Napoleon Hill put it this way: “Man’s brain may be compared to an electric battery. It absorbs energy from the ether, which permeates every atom of matter, and fills the entire universe.

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How to “Un-Do” Limiting Beliefs!

undo limiting beliefs

When we talk about a limiting belief we are referring to a thought we believe about ourselves, others or how things are, or should be. This thought keeps us from having or doing what makes us happy. Usually this belief is negative and creates unhappiness on its own.  Perhaps we don’t think we are good enough to achieve a goal and that there is nothing we can do about it.

Believing that we can’t do anything is yet another limiting belief that brings about feeling trapped in a distressing circumstance. What’s really happening is that we are trapped in a vicious cycle of limiting beliefs. It does not have to be like this.

There are always ways to change any belief. I’m going to share some that work well for myself and my clients.  I always begin with the premise that a belief – negative or positive – is a thought or idea that I hold to be true. As with any thought or idea, I can easily change my mind about it.  We change our minds all of the time.  It’s easy-peasyIn many cases, this is all it takes to alter or end a limiting belief!

I find the best place to start is by questioning the belief.  My favorite is, “Is it true?”  After all, just because I believe something does not mean it is true. 9 times out of 10 we discover it is not true and we are able to simply dismiss it.

If we do find one to be true, it is usually when the belief is based on a disturbing emotion. This is where the feeling of being trapped comes in.  But that does not mean we are actually trapped – it just means that the emotion narrows our thinking.  This excludes coming up with other possibilities and we then can’t see our way out of the negative situation.

All we know is that we feel trapped. I suggest putting some space or distance between what is happening and what you are seeing and feeling.  Then what is happening, when looked at from a different perspective or time frame, can change what we see.  This naturally brings about a change of heart and mind.

How do you create distance?  With time, you allow it to get between you and your sense of urgency about the situation by not taking any immediate action. Let things be as they are. Let them unfold on their own without your help. With time – a little, a lot, or moment by moment – all things change. It’s a Universal Law.

Another way is by speaking with someone outside of the situation — not someone close who can get drawn into your emotions. This could be like a coach or spiritual teacher. Alternative viewpoints can give you a new way to look at things that will open the door to undoing your limiting belief.

This guest-post was writn by Rochelle Gordon. Rochelle is a Spiritual Empowerment & Law of Attraction Coach helping you to attain spiritual presence, transformation, desires & peace of mind, body and heart.

My name is Randy Brown and I am “Americas Purpose Coach and founder of “PURPOSE UNIVERSITY.

America's Purpose coach

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My new book:  “7 Principles of Divine Purpose – Experiencing Power, Passion and True Success!” will be released in December of 2013

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How to Exercise Faith in Your Divine Purpose!


If you were to put a caption or quote to this picture what would it be? For me it would be FAITH!

As a personal success coach my job was to help people go from “where they are now” to “where they really desire to be.” The common denominator I found in working with people was exactly what is represented by this bridge.

The truth is that our “outer-world” is always perfect reflection of our “inner-world.” When a person is ready to accept that truth, they are ready to experience the true success of their Divine Purpose. Accepting this truth requires something to change in our “inner-world.” It requires us to draw upon a power or energy that is unseen by the human eye.

The only way to leave behind the desert of our current circumstances is to take a “leap of faith’ toward the “promised land” of our dreams and passions. We have to be ready to believe that our dreams and passions are God-given, along with our innate gifts and talents.

The only way from “where we are now” to “where we really desire to be” is to take a step of faith, hoping that a bridge will appear. It is scary! It will cause you to stand at the edge of a very high cliff and look at the jagged rocks at the bottom, while you ask yourself these questions:

1. Are the desires of my heart going to allow me to stay in my current wilderness? Is that my Divine Purpose calling to me from the other side?

2. Am I willing to take the risk based on the yearnings of my heart?

3. Do I really believe, in my heart, that a bridge will appear and that my Divine Purpose waits for me on the other side?

To you, my fellow wilderness traveler, seeking to follow the call of your higher-purpose, trust the process and take your “leap of faith!”

FAITH requires us to believe is something we can’t see with our physical eyes. Yet FAITH has an energy frequency that is so high it resonates with Divine Intelligence! It activates the powers of Universal Law and opens the way for your dreams and passions to become your divine reality.

Please share with me your thoughts on this article! I would love to know about your journey!

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How to Debunk the Common Myths that Keep Us From True Success! (Myth #1)

Myth Debunked

Myth #1 – Success is determined by Human Potential

When you are inspired by a Great Purpose, everything will begin to work for you.” – Wayne Dyer

No matter how talented and gifted a person may be, human potential on its own is limited. It is only when the ego that separates us from our Divine Source (God), is laid aside, that our true potential becomes limitless. True potential and True Success cannot be realized until ego is laid aside, allowing us to resonate with a higher power. The submission of our own will means giving away the only thing that is truly ours to give.

Each of us has a story, and the common thread in each of our stories is that the opposition inherent in mortality will at times expose us to our “extremities.” Whether it be the death of a loved one, the loss of financial security, the loss of physical health, or addiction, life is designed to bring us to the “end of ourselves,” to help us turn to the a power far beyond our own, a power that is the Source of the True Success designed for us. As we connect with that Higher Power we will find that our life has a purpose that flows from that divine connection.

True Success: your Divine Purpose is experienced only as we align with a Divine Source, God, a Higher Power or whatever you understand it to be. What makes True Success unique is that it is based on our need for divine help.

True Success is not just philosophy; it is based on universal laws. The Biblical teaching: “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” correlates with the universal law that states: “thought is vibration.” Christ’s teaching that, “All things are possible to him that believeth” is congruent with the idea that, “Our focus can harness the energy that creates worlds.” Both are focused on a “mighty change” that takes place from the “inside-out.”

In 1957, Earl Nightingale recorded his famous classic – “The Strangest Secret,” in which he taught the Universal truth that: “You become what you think about.” Napoleon Hill taught the concept of, “think and Grow Rich.” Now thirty-five years later, Paulo Coelho described the same idea in his novel The Alchemist: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

An Alchemist is a mystical chemist who can perform the feat of taking lead and making it into gold.  Universal Laws, like Alchemy, work from the “inside out,” with the potential to transform us into gold.

Your Divine Purpose has a powerful signal that is designed for you, and as you tune-in to it, success will flow effortlessly. That is how resonance works!

It is somewhat similar to how radio waves work. Even though we aren’t unaware of them, radio signals are all around us. It’s only when a radio is tuned-in to those signals that we become consciously aware of them. That is how resonance works!

If we take two tuning forks of the same pitch, or frequency, and place them near each other, by striking one of them, we send sound waves traveling through the air that cause the other fork to vibrate as well. The tuning forks are now resonating with each other. However, if we use tuning forks of different frequencies, resonance does not occur. If the frequency of one matches the frequency of the other, it picks up its vibrations. That is resonance! Resonance occurs when energy frequencies align.

True success resonates at the spiritual level. It works from the “inside out.” Resonance is a universal principle that works the same at the spiritual level, as it does at the physical, only at much higher frequencies.

Resonance with the flow of Divine Purpose requires an “inside out” focus similar to what Jack Canfield helped me experience with his meditation exercise.

I once saw a science experiment where a scientist passed a million volts of electricity through his body without experiencing physical harm. Normally a million volts of electricity would kill a person instantly, but he was able to do it by changing the electrical energy frequency so that it was dissonant from the energy of his body. By doing so the electricity passed through his body without resonating. When vibrational frequencies are dissonant they simply pass each other by.

This is why some people can’t seem to connect with True Success. The energy of their thoughts and emotions are dissonant from the flow of Higher Power. The signal of their Divine Purpose passes them by, without their awareness, because of their dissonance.

I’d love to hear your experiences with these principles!

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How You can Benefit from my Journey with Anxiety and Limiting Beliefs! (Part 2)


Welcome to part two of my series documenting my journey with the “Law of Attraction” from the standpoint of someone who has struggled with anxiety disorder.

In my last blog post I mentioned how anxiety, depression and perfectionism seemed to have created success blocks in certain areas of my life and no matter how hard I worked, or whatever I tried, things pretty much stayed the same. I also shared how my results so far in applying the Law of Attraction have been mixed.

I believe this is because there are some things missing from most people’s understanding of the law of attraction. These are the flaws in people’s beliefs pertaining to this Universal law:

1. The belief that people have the ability to always think positively. That is impossible to do, especially for anxiety sufferers.

2. The belief that conscious willpower and self-discipline are sufficient to maintain a high emotional frequency.

3.  The belief that we can align with Divine Intelligence without the most powerful part of our minds – the subconscious.

Albert Einstein said: “You can’t solve a problem using the same mind that caused the problem in the first place.”

For people with anxiety, their issues and limitations are deeply embedded in the subconscious mind, as are every one elses.

There are four brain wave states that a person can experience (Beta, Alpha, theta and Delta). Applying the “Law of Attraction” requires that we learn to surrender the conscious (Beta) mind to the subconscious (theta) mind. Surrender means giving up worry and stress of trying to fix your problems with the least effective part of your mind – your conscious mind.

Remember the Beta mind is for logical analyzing. It doesn’t have a grasp for how to solve high-end problems. We surrender by admitting that our Beta mind doesn’t know the answers, but that there is a greater part of us that does. When we go into a Theta brain wave state the filter between our conscious and subconscious minds is dropped allowing the conscious mind to give directions to the subconscious.

Our Theta mind is greater intelligence – it is unlimited. It has access to every piece of information in the Universe instantaneously. It is our bandwidth to Divine Intelligence and Divine Inspiration! Einstein came out of a Theta state with E=mc2.

Understanding this helps our conscious mind relax and let go rather than feeling anxious and worried. Surrendering to our greater intelligence allows us to bring in knowledge and information, by commanding our subconscious while in a Theta state. This is how we reprogram our subconscious mind and eliminate limiting beliefs.

The only thing you have to do is release the “ego” of thinking your conscious mind has the answers.

This is certainly a very different approach than what we’ve been taught about “just being positive” or “not allowing negative thoughts.” It’s impossible to just “be positive!” What we really need to do is embrace what we’re thinking right now, and let our thinking reveal to us what we want to change.

I believe this is why the “Law of Attraction” worked for me in areas, and not in others. It worked in areas where my subconscious blueprint was in alignment with my conscious  beliefs, but it didn’t work in areas where there was conflict between the two minds. These were the areas where I had the most anxiety.

Surrendering to a Theta brain-wave state means that you can speak directly to the subconscious mind. You can command it using a 3 step formula.  In part three of this series I will share the 3 step formula for “how to command the subconscious mind.”

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