What Is True Success?

Someone on Twitter recently posed the question: “Can you recommend any good books about achieving success?”

Success is usually thought of as achieving some desired outcome or goal which allows the person to have something in their life which they value, such as more money, or position, a dream relationship, or the body shape that makes them feel attractive, or something else.

So immediately we focus all our efforts on what we must “do” in order to “have” what we want. Yet a few weeks down the line, after exhausting our “willpower,” we often find ourselves back at square one, despondently claiming “nothing works.”

Why doesn’t the “do” always lead to the desired “have?” – Because the “do,” on its own, will not do much, unless … it’s preceded by a very important third part of the equation: the “be”, which has to do with resonance.

So to the person who posed the question on Twitter, I would recommend Think and Grow Richby Napoleon Hill”. And the reason why I recommend this book is because it deals with this first very important “thinking” part, which precedes the “doing”.

Robert Kiyosaki said “There is a good reason why it’s titled ‘THINK and Grow Rich’ and not Work Hard and Grow Rich or Get a Job and Grow Rich…”

“…It’s not what you have to ‘do’ that needs to change”, expounds Kiyosaki, “It’s first how you “think” that needs to change. In other words, it’s who you have to ‘be’ in order to ‘do’ what needs to be done. … it’s not the diet that counts; it’s who you have to be to follow the diet that counts … A diet will not help if your thoughts do not change.

I would add that “true success” is aligning with your Divine Purpose. Divine Purpose is not something you accomplish, it is something you connect to. It is something that resonates with you as your thoughts and emotions align with the “goodness of God.”

It has less to do with what you have to “DO” and it has more to do with who you were intended to “BE.”

Our actions are far less important than our thoughts, because it is through our thoughts that we will be inspired to take the right actions.
Randy Brown, author of the upcoming book, “7 Principles of Divine Purpose.”