How to Live the Life of Your Dreams! Part 2 “Discover Your Purpose”

Purpose why wee are here

Coming to know, without a doubt, that your life has a Purpose, is the most important step that truly successful people take!  Without a purpose to guide your life, your goals and actions can seem empty and meaningless. With a Purpose everything in life either falls into place or falls out of your life.

Jack Canfield said: “I believe each of us is born with a life purpose. Identifying, acknowledging, and honoring this purpose is perhaps the most important action successful people take.”

You have a unique purpose in this world!It breathes life into everything you do! Have you discovered yours yet?

Here are some tips that will help you identify your Purpose:

1. What brings you joy? Your joy will tell you what your Purpose is. The times when you are the most joyful are the times when you are most aligned with your Divine Purpose! Everyone has something that thy love doing so much that they lose track of time when they are engaged in it; something that they don’t ever have to motivate themselves to do.

2. What are your innate gifts and talents? Everyone has something that “flows” easily for them; something they are better at than anyone else.

3. What makes you unique? Everyone has something that makes them different. Too often we are made to feel that being different is a bad thing. What may appear to be your biggest weakness, deficiency or handicap is often a Divine gift that can potentially become your way of touching the lives of many people. Your mess can become your message!

4. What resonates in your soul?  Learn to follow your intuition! Look for and access your inner-voice! Most truly successful people have learned to trust their inner guidance. This sense can be developed through the practice of meditation. Clear away the day-to-day distractions so that you can hear that inner voice leading you to live your Divine Purpose.

5. What is the “why” behind everything you do? Ask yourself: “Am I doing this because it’s aligned with my dreams and passions, or am I living someone else’s dream? I have a good friend who has been working hard to become a dentist and has finally realized that the only reason he is doing it is because someone told him dentists can make a lot of money. He recently realized he has no passion for dentistry and it never has been his dream or purpose.

The most successful people in the world align with their true purpose. They are people who have refused to live someone else’s dream.  Every great accomplishment started with a burning passion. Purpose is the greatest guide God has given us to us find True Success and happiness!


I would love to hear your thought on this topic!

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How to Avoid an Addiction to Personal Development!

personal development


I’ve spent a good part of my life practicing self-improvement in an effort to “fix” myself. The more self-improvement work I did, the more broken and inadequate I began to feel.  Finally I became aware that there is a part of me that doesn’t need fixing; a part of me that has never been damaged. I finally discovered that deep within me nothing is really missing and nothing needs to be fixed.

On this journey, I’ve come to realize that we really don’t solve our own problems; our problems actually dissolve as we evolve. None of us can really manipulate and manage our lives, but we can turn inside and discover what’s really there!

Just like the Sun doesn’t actually rise and set; although it appears that way, the truth is that we are actually revolving. Accessing the Divine Purpose within us is more like tuning our dial to the channel where the music is playing, and as we do, we come to realize that the music was playing all the time, we just weren’t tuned in.

In reality, your current problems only exist at your current frequency. If you raise your frequency your current problems can no longer exist! The songs that are playing on K-Lack are not playing on K-Rich – they are completely different frequencies. If you stay at 32 degrees you will always have problems with ice, but if you raise your temperature ice no longer exists. Your current problems cannot exist at higher frequencies. As you begin to say “yes” to your Divine Purpose, you raise your frequency and create a completely new reality.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Stop obsessing about your need to fix yourself!  Your “True-Self” is not broken, or in need of fixing. That is your “False-Self,” and it is defined by your limiting beliefs!

2. The answers are with in you! You have a Divine Purpose just waiting to emerge. By letting go of the belief that you are broken, you are allowing your Divine Purpose to emerge.

3. Just like a beach ball that is held under the water will fly up and hit you in the face once you let it go, your Divine Purpose is waiting to spring forth as soon as you stopping holding it down with the belief that the answers lie outside of you.

What has been your experience with personal development? Has focusing on your weaknesses caused your life to imporove?

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How to Transform Your Mess into Your Message!

“Let God turn your mess into your message!” – Unknown

1) Let your past mistakes guide you to your true purpose in life.

2) Allow your Divine Purpose to take you into the service of others.

3) Watch miracles happen as you share your story with others.

Maybe the most transformational and inspirational story I have heard is the story of how a twenty-three-year-old English teacher at by the name of  Erin Gruwell whose sense of purpose inspired her to drastically transform the lives of her “un-teachable, at-risk” students.

Many of her class members were involved in gangs, and had experienced the horrors of gang violence on a daily basis. One day she intercepted a note being passed in her class with an ugly racial caricature, and angrily declared that this was precisely the sort of thing that led to the Holocaust—only to be met by uncomprehending looks. Surprisingly these inner-city kids knew nothing about the Holocaust.

Because she was so aligned with her life’s purpose, she took on two additional jobs in order to come up with the money to purchase the treasured books Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and Zlata’s Diary and A Child’s Life in Sarajevo for each class member. She continued working the extra jobs and used the money to take her kids on life-changing educational field trips.

In an effort to help her students feel understood for the problems they face she got each of them to write in a journal about the troubles of their past, present and future. She said that she wouldn’t read then unless the students wanted her too, to her surprise, they all elected to have their journals read.

This was the beginning of an eye-opening, spirit-raising odyssey against intolerance and misunderstanding, as they learned to see the parallels in these books to their own lives, recording their thoughts and feelings in diaries.

When Ms. Gruwell taught her class about Miep Gies, the courageous Dutch woman who sheltered the Frank family, the kids raised funds through a “Read-a-thon for Tolerance” to make it possible for her to visit them in California, where she declared that Erin Gruwell’s students were “the real heroes.”

Their efforts have paid off spectacularly, both in terms of recognition—appearances on “Prime Time Live” and “All Things Considered,” coverage in People magazine, a meeting with U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley—and educationally. All 150 Freedom Writers have graduated from high school and are now attending college.

Ms Grewell’s alignment with Divine Purpose turned the mess of these student’s lives into their message!

This story is a great example of how whatever we continue to focus on expands in our lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s hate and intolerance, or amazing acts of heroism. Whatever we focus on it with any amount of regularity, will continue to expand, strengthening its existence and attracting even more of it into our lives. This is how transformation occurs.

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