How to Live the Life of Your Dreams! 5 Tips to consider!


One of my coaching clients told me that a friend of hers called her “a big dreamer” when she shared her goals. I was amazed to hear how her feelings were very hurt by the reaction of her friend.  I helped her re-frame the situation by explaining that her friend had given her a great compliment, even though that wasn’t her intention.

Unfortunately, we are often taught by parents, teachers and society to stop dreaming. I say that dreams are Divine signatures of what you were created to be. Your dreams are placed in your soul by your creator. They are intended inspire you to greatness!  Your dreams are signs of your Divine Purpose!

Here are some things to consider when it comes to your dreams:

1. What gives you a sense of gratitude? When you are living your dreams you can’t help but feel gratitude!

2. What gives you energy? Following your dreams will energize you like nothing else. Your dreams flow from your Divine Source as a high-frequency energy.

3. What can you do better than anyone else? Your dreams are tied to a Divine Purpose that is uniquely designed for you. Something you can do in a way no one else can.

4. What is the deepest expression of your heart and soul? This is your gift to humanity – your way of serving others in a way that deeply matters.

5. What makes you feel the greatest passion? Your dreams are exciting, they make you into a visionary and inspire you to dream big.

The most successful people in the world are visionaries. They are people who have refused to stop dreaming.  Every great accomplishment started as a dream in someone’s imagination. Dreaming is the greatest creative faculty God has endowed us with!


I would love to hear your thought on this topic!

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How to use Imagination to Connect to Abundance

abundance 3

One of the greatest truths I’ve ever learned is that our outer-world is a perfect reflection of our inner-world. If you are not experiencing abundance in your outer world it is because there is inner work that needs to be done first.

If you want more financial abundance in your life it won’t happen by learing some new money-making technique. If that were true you would already have the financial abundance you want.

Changing our inner-world begins with the power of our imagination. The human mind has powerful God-given creative powers.  Here are 4 steps that will help you unleash the mental power to align with greater abundance.

Step one: Ask yourself, “If I made $___________ a year what would I enjoy doing? What would I wear? Where would I live? Write down your answers to these questions in as much detail as you possibly can.

Step two: Write a new script and rehearse it mentally. Read it! Feel it! Pretend you are a famous actor and you are getting paid $10 million dollars to play the part. The brain makes repetition real!

Step three: Ask yourself, “What would I have to believe about myself for this to be true?” Write down all the beliefs you will need to adopt.

Step Four: Ask yourself, “What can I offer to others?” This is where you look at your innate gifts and talents – your Divine Purpose, and follow your passion. Write down things you are deeply passionate about and how you can use your unique gifts to offer something to others.

Your subconscious mind has the  capacity to connect you to unlimited abundance if you align with it through the power of your imagination!

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How to Get the Law of Attraction to Work for You! (Part 2 – Interview with Christy Whitman)

Christy Whitman

Listen to this interview with Christy Whitman as she shares what’s missing from the “Law of Attraction.”

There are 7 Universal Laws that work in conjunction to help you manifest the life you really want.

Please share your thoughts and comments on the interview!

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How to Get the Law of Attraction to Actually Work!

universal laws

As I began trying to apply Universal laws, like the law of attraction,  I continually slipped back into trying to make my own success happen, instead of allowing it to flow. The idea of “allowing” was completely foreign to me.

Christy Whiman haas taught me that most people don’t understand is that there are other Universal Laws that must be applied in conjunction with the Law of Attraction in order for it to actually work the way you want it to. They involve letting the universe do it’s work instead of us trying to make it work. They help us “try less” and “trust more.”

Here are some of the other laws to begin implementing:

1. The Law of allowing – Which has to do with removing all resistance. Notice when you are feeling anxious or constricted, and allow the flow of source energy.

2. The Law of deliberate creation – Which has to do with your ability to create the life you desire. You have the powere to choose your vibrational frequency!

3. The Law of sufficiency and abundance – Which has to do with the Universe having no shortage, lack or limitations. As you align your mind with abundance, your body actually vibrates in abundance.

4.  The Law of detachment – Teaches us to focus on our intention without the restriction of doubt, desperation or time frames. Don’t worry about “when” or “how!”

5. The Law of pure potentiality – Which has to do with the infinite potential for things to be created and manifested. We have been endowed with awesome God-given mental creative powers!

6.  The Law of polarity – Which means there are polar opposites of everything that we focus on. This means whenever we think about anything that we desire – whether it’s money, success, intimacy, fun, fulfillment – we can choose to focus either on its presence, or on its absence. For alignment to take place, choose thoughts and emotions that have a high (or positive) frequency.

Practice applying these laws and good things will manifest more effortlessly in your life!

As alway, please share your thoughts and experiences.

Thanks, Randy

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How to Exercise Faith in Your Divine Purpose!


If you were to put a caption or quote to this picture what would it be? For me it would be FAITH!

As a personal success coach my job was to help people go from “where they are now” to “where they really desire to be.” The common denominator I found in working with people was exactly what is represented by this bridge.

The truth is that our “outer-world” is always perfect reflection of our “inner-world.” When a person is ready to accept that truth, they are ready to experience the true success of their Divine Purpose. Accepting this truth requires something to change in our “inner-world.” It requires us to draw upon a power or energy that is unseen by the human eye.

The only way to leave behind the desert of our current circumstances is to take a “leap of faith’ toward the “promised land” of our dreams and passions. We have to be ready to believe that our dreams and passions are God-given, along with our innate gifts and talents.

The only way from “where we are now” to “where we really desire to be” is to take a step of faith, hoping that a bridge will appear. It is scary! It will cause you to stand at the edge of a very high cliff and look at the jagged rocks at the bottom, while you ask yourself these questions:

1. Are the desires of my heart going to allow me to stay in my current wilderness? Is that my Divine Purpose calling to me from the other side?

2. Am I willing to take the risk based on the yearnings of my heart?

3. Do I really believe, in my heart, that a bridge will appear and that my Divine Purpose waits for me on the other side?

To you, my fellow wilderness traveler, seeking to follow the call of your higher-purpose, trust the process and take your “leap of faith!”

FAITH requires us to believe is something we can’t see with our physical eyes. Yet FAITH has an energy frequency that is so high it resonates with Divine Intelligence! It activates the powers of Universal Law and opens the way for your dreams and passions to become your divine reality.

Please share with me your thoughts on this article! I would love to know about your journey!

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How to Clear Limiting Beliefs and Align with Abundance!

abundance 2

When I first began applying Law of Attraction principles in my life, I saw them work with absolute certainty in every area of my life, except one – attracting financial abundance. As I learned more I came to realize the Law was working perfectly according the limiting beliefs about money that I held in my subconscious mind. My own limiting beliefs about money and abundance were causing resistance.

Because our outer world is always a perfect reflection of what’s  going on in our inner world, and because Universal Laws works with absolute perfection, I had to face the reality that I was resistant to financial abundance. Once  you’ve experienced the responsiveness of the universe you will know it’s true.

Universal laws are simply mental and spiritual laws that bring power into our physical reality that are a perfect match for what we are creating with the energy of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

We align with this power through our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is the most powerful computer we could ever imagine. It has a perfect memory of every cell in our body. It keeps our heart beating, our lungs breathing. It has recorded and stored everything we have ever heard, said, seen, felt and experienced.

Unfortunately that includes all the faulty beliefs and negative things we have acquired along the way. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are the key to connecting with this power that responds to our desires. Our subconscious mind is different from a computer in that it cannot delete anything.

So when we try to create a new dominant thought that is different from our current programming, the subconscious will create resistance.

Fortunately there are ways to program the subconscious in ways that it will not create resistance. Here are a few:

1. Use your  conscious mind only to plant the seed.

  • Make a decision with the conscious mind
  • Plant the seed
  • Nurture the soil with positive thoughts and expectation (faith)
  • Turn the job over to creative forces (universal mind)
  • Relax and let go

You don’t carry the burden of manifestation on your shoulders – you have at your disposal the creative forces of the Universe waiting to do your bidding if you will do your part by just applying the rules.

2. Don’t try to create success!

  • Trying will never get you there!
  • The Law of Reverse Effort – says that the harder you try to do something. The less chance you have of achieving it.
  • Trying suggests to the subconscious mind that you don’t have what you desire.
  • Remember, Yoda said: “Do, or do not, there is no try!”

When you stop forcing answers, the answers will come! Our subconscious mind is our pipeline to infinite intelligence.

3. Remember your true source is not you!

  • Your job is to open the pipeline to unlimited power and to expand your bandwidth!
  • There are indeed unlimited channels through which good can come to you!
  • You can only become open and receptive to these free-flowing channels when you put your complete reliance on your true source.

I would love to hear about your experiences with applying the Law of Attraction.

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How To Manage The Frustration of Pursuing Your Dream!

hs football

When I was in High School I was on the football team. Because I was the smallest player on the team I realized that my chances of  getting significant playing time were pretty slim. But I was following my passion. I loved the game and I was compelled to be a part of it.

My senior year, we were playing an away game, and when I arrived at the stadium they refused to let me in because they didn’t believe I was actually on the team. Opposing players would laugh at me, but I kept doing what my heart desired. Finally a couple of games into my senior year I got the opportunity to start at running back when one of our star players got hurt. I couldn’t believe it, my dream had come true!  Everything I had put my faith in and sacrificed for had finally come to pass. I was starting at running back in the big rivalry game, which we won.

If you have a dream in your heart, it is because it is supposed to be there! It is propelling you towards something you were meant to do. It may be the hardest thing you have ever done, but eventually you will find that your experience was meant to be. If you are frustrated with waiting for your dream to come true, here are a few suggestions:

1. Visualize! Keep a vision in your mind of your dream being realized.

2. Stay inspired! Inspired-action never seems like hard work, even if you are working harder than you ever have.

3. Remain patient! Never give up. Allow the right circumstances to fall into place. When you have a dream the Universe will conspire to bring it to pass.

4. Maintain your passion! Put all your emtional energy into it. Emotion is the language the Universe understands.

5. Remember that without pursuing your dreams, they cannot happen!

What are your experiences with pursuing a dream?

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