Living on Purpose: Communication and Commitment

divine purpose


Communication and commitment are two keys to ‘Living on Purpose’.  This article provides an overview of three key aspects: quality inner communication; commitment to your purpose; and communication with others.


It is important to understand that your purpose is self-defined.  As a consequence quality clear inner communication is essential.  By listening to yourself carefully you are able to identify your values, what really matters to you and observe your strengths.  From this you can identify and clarify your personal purpose.  Then by clarifying what acting in accordance with your purpose ‘looks like’, behaviorally to you, you identify how to act in accordance with your purpose.  Thus ‘inner communication’ is essential for you to identify what is true to you, rather than what has been imposed on you or out of date for you.


Once you have identified your purpose it is up to you to ‘commit’ to your purpose and the identified behaviors.   For example if you have identified health as something of importance to you, thus it has been integrated it into your personalised purpose and you have decided eating fruit twice a day is a behavior that fits that, you can commit to eating fruit twice a day.  This allows you to self-monitor how well you are acting in accordance with your purpose.  However living on purpose is more than just acting in alignment with what you have identified as your purpose.


Being authentically on purpose requires you to act in alignment with your personal purpose whilst maintaining connection with all that is, as well as pervious commitments or decisions you have made. Our emotions are our personalized guidance system to ensure we travel smoothly with all that is as well as our personal commitments.  When we are experiencing inner joy we are in alignment.  However if we feel (often referred to as negative) emotions we are less in alignment.  At such times inner communication comes to the fore again. Listen carefully to what you’re inner being or body is attempting to tell you.  Perhaps your body is in need of nurturing, or an old decision needs revisiting?


Finally it is important to be able to clearly communicate your purpose to others in your day-to-day life.  You do this with verbal communication and by what you do.  Think about what you say and do at all times.  To assist with this you can expand on the identified behaviors by creating ‘absolute yes’ and ‘absolute no’ lists.


For example from above your ‘absolute yes’ list includes eating two pieces of fruit daily.  Your ‘absolute no’ list may contain deep fried food.   As a consequence when you are offered deep fried foods you don’t need to think about it.  As it is on your absolute no list so you have already decided and as you are committed you just say no.  Do this process all roles and tasks.  Of course there is a grey negotiation area.


Others will pick up how clear and authentically you are around your purpose by your behavior.  If there is high clarity and behavioral alignment you will be living your purpose and others will notice.


This may sound easy, however it hasn’t address the complexity of addressing resistance, which so often arises.  There is no intention to down play this aspect of ‘Living on Purpose’.  Rather this article has provided an introductory overview of how communication and commitment relate to ‘Living on Purpose’ by considering the three key aspects of inner communication, commitment and communication with others.


By Dr Janelle Sheen







Janelle, is a practicing Life Enhancer, who focuses on creating greater health and well being for individuals via enhancing the quality of their life.  Primarily by 1) assist them become self-determined individual’s living their own chosen life and 2) teaching foundational life skills, including communication and how to strive for and fulfill dreams.


She has Psychology and Biological Degrees plus a Masters and Doctorate in Health Care.  She is trained and experienced in a number of alterative medicine modalities including shiatsu, aromatherapy, massage, reiki and reconnection healing, as well as being a Life Coach.  In her earlier years she instructed aerobics as well as stretch and relaxation classes. To round this off she is a qualified educator with adult and tertiary education training.


She can be contacted at



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