What Is The Meaning of Life? Whatever You Want It To Be

Holistic Stress Relief Life is Meaningless image

It may seem strange to title a holistic stress relief article, ‘life is meaningless’. Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on life, nor do I recommend you do so. But the truth is, life IS meaningless.
All events and circumstances are neutral. The simply ARE. It’s our perception that make them appear good, bad or otherwise. Perception is everything – and fortunately, is completely under our control.
So a statement that started out sounding pessimistic becomes the opposite. The fact that life is meaningless is a great gift!
You can look out the window at grey skies and decide it’s going to be a horrible waste of a day. Or you could be pleased that the flowers will get a drink and save you watering!
A traffic gridlock could seem like the most frustrating thing ever, or it could give you time to listen to an uplifting audio, or mentally review all the other things in your life you’re grateful for!
A surefire holistic stress relief technique is to stop sweating what you have no control over – things like the weather, traffic, and other people’s moods. Put the focus back on the most important factor in your life – your personal state of mind. Because believe it or not, you have control over your thoughts. Only you. It doesn’t matter if all those around you are in the ‘this sucks’ camp – as long as you don’t buy into it, you can keep your thoughts and spirits uplifted.
You may be wondering, ‘why bother’ right about now. It’s important to always remember that we get what we vibrate. You can always turn your thoughts around, but it’s so much easier to do as soon as you notice they’re headed on a downward spiral. To turn it around, find a way – any way – to feel more positive about the subject at hand.
If good weather happens to be especially important to you on a particular day, and the weather isn’t cooperating, take baby steps to turn your mood sunny. Look for the silver lining in those storm clouds! There’s bound to be something – after all, when you’re focused on finding something positive, the Law of Attraction must bring it. It is LAW.
Learn about other holistic stress relief techniques, such as meditation and affirmations, with my ebook and expert interview video series, Relief Beyond Belief; Exploring the World of Natural Healing.
In Light,


Alexandria Barker a Law of Attraction author and coach and is the founder of Living Light, a company specializing in holistic stress solutions, personal development and spiritual growth. She runs her business and her life as an optimist, and is known for her ability to inspire and motivate people. She offers holistic stress solutions, based on yoga, meditation, EFT, reiki, Law of Attraction and more, at her website


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