You May Not Be There Yet, But You’re One Step Closer Than You Were Yesterday!

Your mountain top“You may not be there yet, but you’re one step closer than you were yesterday” This is so true and so comforting when you start each and every day with this thought in mind. But, can I tell you one more thing to make that thinking even cooler? Here’s what I suggest you have in place to make it really bring the wind to your feet and move you forward:

• What does your top of the mountain look like?
• How do you see you and your life as you stand on that mountain top with your arms wide opened feeling exhilarated and joyous?
• What would that look like?
• How would you feel?
• What would have to be in place for you to feel that way?

Think about it, and then start writing it down. Just start writing, it can always be tweaked and normally that happens because the more you write the more precise you become on what your mountain top is. Remember, writing makes it more powerful and focused.

Now that you have your mountain top defined, this is what you spend your time thinking and focusing on when you wake up in the morning, sitting in traffic, standing in line, lying in the bed before going to sleep, or when you take a break and go into your quiet place. Think it about it as much as you can but please remember:

• don’t try and figure out how it will happen;
• have no doubts and no frustration because it doesn’t happen overnight;
• all the other thoughts that weren’t about your mountain top have to be cancelled out and replaced with your new thoughts.

So the more you think about your mountain top, the faster it will come. Because you are now drawing it to you, you are now being in that mountain top place radiating that happy and good feeling. The Universe will respond to your frequency (thoughts and emotions) with more happy and good feelings along with the people, events and opportunities that will safely get you to your mountain top.

Therefore, your journey becomes a happy one each and every day as you stroll and skip along your path to your mountain top. See you there!

Namaste with Unity “Love” Consciousness,
Wendy Baudín
Self-Love Sherpa and Wisdom Guide


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