How to “Un-Do” Limiting Beliefs!

undo limiting beliefs

When we talk about a limiting belief we are referring to a thought we believe about ourselves, others or how things are, or should be. This thought keeps us from having or doing what makes us happy. Usually this belief is negative and creates unhappiness on its own.  Perhaps we don’t think we are good enough to achieve a goal and that there is nothing we can do about it.

Believing that we can’t do anything is yet another limiting belief that brings about feeling trapped in a distressing circumstance. What’s really happening is that we are trapped in a vicious cycle of limiting beliefs. It does not have to be like this.

There are always ways to change any belief. I’m going to share some that work well for myself and my clients.  I always begin with the premise that a belief – negative or positive – is a thought or idea that I hold to be true. As with any thought or idea, I can easily change my mind about it.  We change our minds all of the time.  It’s easy-peasyIn many cases, this is all it takes to alter or end a limiting belief!

I find the best place to start is by questioning the belief.  My favorite is, “Is it true?”  After all, just because I believe something does not mean it is true. 9 times out of 10 we discover it is not true and we are able to simply dismiss it.

If we do find one to be true, it is usually when the belief is based on a disturbing emotion. This is where the feeling of being trapped comes in.  But that does not mean we are actually trapped – it just means that the emotion narrows our thinking.  This excludes coming up with other possibilities and we then can’t see our way out of the negative situation.

All we know is that we feel trapped. I suggest putting some space or distance between what is happening and what you are seeing and feeling.  Then what is happening, when looked at from a different perspective or time frame, can change what we see.  This naturally brings about a change of heart and mind.

How do you create distance?  With time, you allow it to get between you and your sense of urgency about the situation by not taking any immediate action. Let things be as they are. Let them unfold on their own without your help. With time – a little, a lot, or moment by moment – all things change. It’s a Universal Law.

Another way is by speaking with someone outside of the situation — not someone close who can get drawn into your emotions. This could be like a coach or spiritual teacher. Alternative viewpoints can give you a new way to look at things that will open the door to undoing your limiting belief.

This guest-post was writn by Rochelle Gordon. Rochelle is a Spiritual Empowerment & Law of Attraction Coach helping you to attain spiritual presence, transformation, desires & peace of mind, body and heart.

My name is Randy Brown and I am “Americas Purpose Coach and founder of “PURPOSE UNIVERSITY.

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Living on Purpose: Communication and Commitment

divine purpose


Communication and commitment are two keys to ‘Living on Purpose’.  This article provides an overview of three key aspects: quality inner communication; commitment to your purpose; and communication with others.


It is important to understand that your purpose is self-defined.  As a consequence quality clear inner communication is essential.  By listening to yourself carefully you are able to identify your values, what really matters to you and observe your strengths.  From this you can identify and clarify your personal purpose.  Then by clarifying what acting in accordance with your purpose ‘looks like’, behaviorally to you, you identify how to act in accordance with your purpose.  Thus ‘inner communication’ is essential for you to identify what is true to you, rather than what has been imposed on you or out of date for you.


Once you have identified your purpose it is up to you to ‘commit’ to your purpose and the identified behaviors.   For example if you have identified health as something of importance to you, thus it has been integrated it into your personalised purpose and you have decided eating fruit twice a day is a behavior that fits that, you can commit to eating fruit twice a day.  This allows you to self-monitor how well you are acting in accordance with your purpose.  However living on purpose is more than just acting in alignment with what you have identified as your purpose.


Being authentically on purpose requires you to act in alignment with your personal purpose whilst maintaining connection with all that is, as well as pervious commitments or decisions you have made. Our emotions are our personalized guidance system to ensure we travel smoothly with all that is as well as our personal commitments.  When we are experiencing inner joy we are in alignment.  However if we feel (often referred to as negative) emotions we are less in alignment.  At such times inner communication comes to the fore again. Listen carefully to what you’re inner being or body is attempting to tell you.  Perhaps your body is in need of nurturing, or an old decision needs revisiting?


Finally it is important to be able to clearly communicate your purpose to others in your day-to-day life.  You do this with verbal communication and by what you do.  Think about what you say and do at all times.  To assist with this you can expand on the identified behaviors by creating ‘absolute yes’ and ‘absolute no’ lists.


For example from above your ‘absolute yes’ list includes eating two pieces of fruit daily.  Your ‘absolute no’ list may contain deep fried food.   As a consequence when you are offered deep fried foods you don’t need to think about it.  As it is on your absolute no list so you have already decided and as you are committed you just say no.  Do this process all roles and tasks.  Of course there is a grey negotiation area.


Others will pick up how clear and authentically you are around your purpose by your behavior.  If there is high clarity and behavioral alignment you will be living your purpose and others will notice.


This may sound easy, however it hasn’t address the complexity of addressing resistance, which so often arises.  There is no intention to down play this aspect of ‘Living on Purpose’.  Rather this article has provided an introductory overview of how communication and commitment relate to ‘Living on Purpose’ by considering the three key aspects of inner communication, commitment and communication with others.


By Dr Janelle Sheen







Janelle, is a practicing Life Enhancer, who focuses on creating greater health and well being for individuals via enhancing the quality of their life.  Primarily by 1) assist them become self-determined individual’s living their own chosen life and 2) teaching foundational life skills, including communication and how to strive for and fulfill dreams.


She has Psychology and Biological Degrees plus a Masters and Doctorate in Health Care.  She is trained and experienced in a number of alterative medicine modalities including shiatsu, aromatherapy, massage, reiki and reconnection healing, as well as being a Life Coach.  In her earlier years she instructed aerobics as well as stretch and relaxation classes. To round this off she is a qualified educator with adult and tertiary education training.


She can be contacted at


What Is The Meaning of Life? Whatever You Want It To Be

Holistic Stress Relief Life is Meaningless image

It may seem strange to title a holistic stress relief article, ‘life is meaningless’. Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on life, nor do I recommend you do so. But the truth is, life IS meaningless.
All events and circumstances are neutral. The simply ARE. It’s our perception that make them appear good, bad or otherwise. Perception is everything – and fortunately, is completely under our control.
So a statement that started out sounding pessimistic becomes the opposite. The fact that life is meaningless is a great gift!
You can look out the window at grey skies and decide it’s going to be a horrible waste of a day. Or you could be pleased that the flowers will get a drink and save you watering!
A traffic gridlock could seem like the most frustrating thing ever, or it could give you time to listen to an uplifting audio, or mentally review all the other things in your life you’re grateful for!
A surefire holistic stress relief technique is to stop sweating what you have no control over – things like the weather, traffic, and other people’s moods. Put the focus back on the most important factor in your life – your personal state of mind. Because believe it or not, you have control over your thoughts. Only you. It doesn’t matter if all those around you are in the ‘this sucks’ camp – as long as you don’t buy into it, you can keep your thoughts and spirits uplifted.
You may be wondering, ‘why bother’ right about now. It’s important to always remember that we get what we vibrate. You can always turn your thoughts around, but it’s so much easier to do as soon as you notice they’re headed on a downward spiral. To turn it around, find a way – any way – to feel more positive about the subject at hand.
If good weather happens to be especially important to you on a particular day, and the weather isn’t cooperating, take baby steps to turn your mood sunny. Look for the silver lining in those storm clouds! There’s bound to be something – after all, when you’re focused on finding something positive, the Law of Attraction must bring it. It is LAW.
Learn about other holistic stress relief techniques, such as meditation and affirmations, with my ebook and expert interview video series, Relief Beyond Belief; Exploring the World of Natural Healing.
In Light,


Alexandria Barker a Law of Attraction author and coach and is the founder of Living Light, a company specializing in holistic stress solutions, personal development and spiritual growth. She runs her business and her life as an optimist, and is known for her ability to inspire and motivate people. She offers holistic stress solutions, based on yoga, meditation, EFT, reiki, Law of Attraction and more, at her website

You May Not Be There Yet, But You’re One Step Closer Than You Were Yesterday!

Your mountain top“You may not be there yet, but you’re one step closer than you were yesterday” This is so true and so comforting when you start each and every day with this thought in mind. But, can I tell you one more thing to make that thinking even cooler? Here’s what I suggest you have in place to make it really bring the wind to your feet and move you forward:

• What does your top of the mountain look like?
• How do you see you and your life as you stand on that mountain top with your arms wide opened feeling exhilarated and joyous?
• What would that look like?
• How would you feel?
• What would have to be in place for you to feel that way?

Think about it, and then start writing it down. Just start writing, it can always be tweaked and normally that happens because the more you write the more precise you become on what your mountain top is. Remember, writing makes it more powerful and focused.

Now that you have your mountain top defined, this is what you spend your time thinking and focusing on when you wake up in the morning, sitting in traffic, standing in line, lying in the bed before going to sleep, or when you take a break and go into your quiet place. Think it about it as much as you can but please remember:

• don’t try and figure out how it will happen;
• have no doubts and no frustration because it doesn’t happen overnight;
• all the other thoughts that weren’t about your mountain top have to be cancelled out and replaced with your new thoughts.

So the more you think about your mountain top, the faster it will come. Because you are now drawing it to you, you are now being in that mountain top place radiating that happy and good feeling. The Universe will respond to your frequency (thoughts and emotions) with more happy and good feelings along with the people, events and opportunities that will safely get you to your mountain top.

Therefore, your journey becomes a happy one each and every day as you stroll and skip along your path to your mountain top. See you there!

Namaste with Unity “Love” Consciousness,
Wendy Baudín
Self-Love Sherpa and Wisdom Guide

How to Live the Life of Your Dreams! Part 2 “Discover Your Purpose”

Purpose why wee are here

Coming to know, without a doubt, that your life has a Purpose, is the most important step that truly successful people take!  Without a purpose to guide your life, your goals and actions can seem empty and meaningless. With a Purpose everything in life either falls into place or falls out of your life.

Jack Canfield said: “I believe each of us is born with a life purpose. Identifying, acknowledging, and honoring this purpose is perhaps the most important action successful people take.”

You have a unique purpose in this world!It breathes life into everything you do! Have you discovered yours yet?

Here are some tips that will help you identify your Purpose:

1. What brings you joy? Your joy will tell you what your Purpose is. The times when you are the most joyful are the times when you are most aligned with your Divine Purpose! Everyone has something that thy love doing so much that they lose track of time when they are engaged in it; something that they don’t ever have to motivate themselves to do.

2. What are your innate gifts and talents? Everyone has something that “flows” easily for them; something they are better at than anyone else.

3. What makes you unique? Everyone has something that makes them different. Too often we are made to feel that being different is a bad thing. What may appear to be your biggest weakness, deficiency or handicap is often a Divine gift that can potentially become your way of touching the lives of many people. Your mess can become your message!

4. What resonates in your soul?  Learn to follow your intuition! Look for and access your inner-voice! Most truly successful people have learned to trust their inner guidance. This sense can be developed through the practice of meditation. Clear away the day-to-day distractions so that you can hear that inner voice leading you to live your Divine Purpose.

5. What is the “why” behind everything you do? Ask yourself: “Am I doing this because it’s aligned with my dreams and passions, or am I living someone else’s dream? I have a good friend who has been working hard to become a dentist and has finally realized that the only reason he is doing it is because someone told him dentists can make a lot of money. He recently realized he has no passion for dentistry and it never has been his dream or purpose.

The most successful people in the world align with their true purpose. They are people who have refused to live someone else’s dream.  Every great accomplishment started with a burning passion. Purpose is the greatest guide God has given us to us find True Success and happiness!


I would love to hear your thought on this topic!

My name is Randy Brown and I am “Americas Purpose Coach and founder of “PURPOSE UNIVERSITY.

America's Purpose coach

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How to Live the Life of Your Dreams! 5 Tips to consider!


One of my coaching clients told me that a friend of hers called her “a big dreamer” when she shared her goals. I was amazed to hear how her feelings were very hurt by the reaction of her friend.  I helped her re-frame the situation by explaining that her friend had given her a great compliment, even though that wasn’t her intention.

Unfortunately, we are often taught by parents, teachers and society to stop dreaming. I say that dreams are Divine signatures of what you were created to be. Your dreams are placed in your soul by your creator. They are intended inspire you to greatness!  Your dreams are signs of your Divine Purpose!

Here are some things to consider when it comes to your dreams:

1. What gives you a sense of gratitude? When you are living your dreams you can’t help but feel gratitude!

2. What gives you energy? Following your dreams will energize you like nothing else. Your dreams flow from your Divine Source as a high-frequency energy.

3. What can you do better than anyone else? Your dreams are tied to a Divine Purpose that is uniquely designed for you. Something you can do in a way no one else can.

4. What is the deepest expression of your heart and soul? This is your gift to humanity – your way of serving others in a way that deeply matters.

5. What makes you feel the greatest passion? Your dreams are exciting, they make you into a visionary and inspire you to dream big.

The most successful people in the world are visionaries. They are people who have refused to stop dreaming.  Every great accomplishment started as a dream in someone’s imagination. Dreaming is the greatest creative faculty God has endowed us with!


I would love to hear your thought on this topic!

My name is Randy Brown and I am “Americas Purpose Coach.” To learn how to better “live your Dreams” and “Purpose” visit:

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