How to understand the Law of Attraction – Universal Laws!


Most people today are familiar with the Law of Attraction, because of the popular movie “the Secret,” but the movie didn’t tell the whole story. Most people aren’t aware that there are other universal laws that need to be understood in order for the Law of Attraction to bring the results they desire. In order to reap the benefits of one law it’s important to understand what the other universal laws are and how they work together.

Here are a few other laws and how they compliment each other:

1. Law of attraction – the universe will mirror back to you an exact match for the vibrational frequency of your thoughts and emotions.

2. Law of allowing – letting go and allowing universal laws to work in their own time, without mental resistance or physical constriction.

3. Law of deliberate creation– your power to choose what you will believe, think and feel – choosing your vibrational frequency.

4. Law of sufficiency and abundance – understanding that there is no lack in the Universe and we are connected to the source of all abundance. As your mind becomes attuned to abundance, your body will actually vibrate in abundance.

5. Law of detachment– being able to focus on an intention without trying to “make things happen” – remaining detached from the results.

6. Law of pure potentiality–  the Universe has the potential for infinite possibilites that are waiting to manifest.

7. Law of polarity – anything that the mind can conceive, has polar opposites that can be focused on. If we take money as an example, one polar extreme is poverty while the other is wealth.

These laws all work together, but the one law that brings them all together is the “law of sufficiency and abundance,” because if your mind is attuned to abundance then your body literally vibrates with abundance.

If you’re in a place of allowing, you’re vibrating a signal of abundance, you’re in a place of total detachment,

Here are some tips  for remaining detached and allowing these laws to work.

It’s kind of like going to a restaurant,

1. You ask the waiter or waitress for your order (asking).

2. Then you let go and let the restaurant staff do their work (allowing).

3. You don’t need to keep asking them when the order is coming (detachment).

4. Be excited to receive your order. Visualize the enjoyment you will  feel when the order arrives (gratitude).

I hope this post has been helpful and inspiring. Please take a minute and share your thoughts on “Universal Laws.”

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