How to Clear Limiting Beliefs and Align with Abundance (Part 2 “Don’t try harder!”)

Myth Debunked
The myth of “trying harder” has caused me to struggle most of my life! As children, most of us were taught: “Apply yourself; just try harder,” but the truth is, if we need to try harder at something it means we are experiencing dissonance. This is why principle one comes first – you must follow the path that resonates for you. Trying harder sends a message to subconscious mind that you are lacking.

Trying harder interrupts the power of visualization. Once you have seen the thing you desire and experienced it with powerful emotion, it is no just longer something you will have in the future, but something you know is already yours.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Once you have the clear picture, your subconscious receives the plan and inspired action naturally follows.

2. You innately know when the signal of your divine purpose is resonating with your Divine source. (This is why Principles 3 and 4 come before 5 and 6).

3. Remember, the “inner victory” always comes first! The harder you try, the less inspiration will flow and the less you’ll be aligned with your Divine Purpose.

4. If your actions are not inspired don’t take them! The harder you have to try, the less you will experience True Success!

5. Meditation will  do wonders to help you slow down and connect with your Divine Purpose. Try this meditation –

I’d love to hear your experiences with these principles!

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One thought on “How to Clear Limiting Beliefs and Align with Abundance (Part 2 “Don’t try harder!”)

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