How to live in abundance and financial prosperity!


Napoleon Hill, the famous author of “Think and Grown Rich” once said: “More Gold has been minded from the brains of men than has ever been taken from the earth.” You get what you focus on. Your thoughts about your purpose are your purpose.

Robert Kiyosaki had a great observation about the title of Napoleon Hills book “Think and Grow Rich,” He said: “There is a good reason why it’s titled ‘THINK and Grow Rich’ and not Work Hard and Grow Rich or Get a Job and Grow Rich…It’s not what you have to ‘do’ that needs to change”, expounds Kiyosaki, “It’s first how you “think” that needs to change. In other words, it’s who you have to ‘be’ in order to ‘do’ what needs to be done. … it’s not the diet that counts; it’s who you have to be to follow the diet that counts … A diet will not help if your thoughts do not change.

When the Apostle Paul said: “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” (Heb 11:1) I believe he was describing a substance from which everything in the universe is created. “To think a thought is an act of creation. If we clothe this thought in feeling, activate it with a strong desire to have it become manifest, the thought or idea begins to take form, to grow like a seed, to attract to itself the conditions, opportunities, resources and all the events necessary to enable its reproduction in our so-called material world.” – Harold Sherman

If you want to live a life of abundance and financial prosperity:

1. The first thing you need to do is start thinking like a person who is living that type of life. Your mental state and the composition of your thoughts should match the way you would think if you’re already living your dream life.

2. Accept the fact that you get what you think about – period!

3. Believe that what you want is already here. You only need to connect or align with it. The solution for evey problem exists already!

4. Aks your subconscious mind to solve the problem.

5. Realize that the things you perceive with your five senses are limited, and lack is only an illusion. Lack and abudance are two differnet sides of the same coin. What side of the coin are you willing to see? What are you creating with the power of your thoughts?

I’d love to hear your experiences with these principles!

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How To Tap Into The Invisible Laws Of True Success! (Part One: Inspiration)


Inspiration is flowing energy that is unseen by the human eye, and the power with which it is felt is undeniable proof of Source Energy, resonance and Divine Purpose.

Inspiration is evidence that the bandwidth to your Divine Purpose is wide open. Inspiration connects you to True Success in a manner that can’t be experienced in any other way. Divine Purpose flows as you “let go” of your “outside-in” desire to just take action, and begin taking inspired actions.

“Many writers, artists, and musicians have talked about having the experience of suddenly tapping into this dimension of their being where they could see the whole painting already done, or sense the whole book already done, or literally hear the completed song playing – and all they had to do was be a channel for it or take ‘divine dictation’. The word ‘human’ actually comes from a Sanskrit term meaning ‘the dispenser of divine gifts’. And that is what we’re here to do — to draw these patterns from the invisible and dispense them on earth. Michelangelo knew this when he created the David. He saw the completed masterpiece already in the block of marble and just chipped away everything that wasn’t David. He based his life on the idea that these divine perfect forms already existed and his job, rather than creating something out of nothing, was to reveal this heavenly perfection on earth. The universe is not a vast sea of random energy moving in arbitrary ways; there is order, intelligence, and divine ideas waiting to be caught and brought to shore. That’s why an acorn always becomes an oak, a caterpillar doesn’t become a cat, and we can discover laws that always work. As Einstein said, ‘God does not play dice with the universe.” – Derek Rydall

There are many ways to get inspiration; some people get a warm feeling inside, some people actually get goose bumps, but the key is that when you are inspired you feel joy.

1. Don’t be driven! Driven-ness is the opposite of inspiration. Driven-ness is when you self-will is out of control.

2. Don’t try to motivate your self! Motivation comes from a outisde focus and it has to be maintained.

3. Be still! Inspiration flows from inside as we quiet our minds by putting aside driven-ness and motivation. It is evidence that your Divine Purpose is trying to emerge.

Mozart didn’t have to motivate himself to write symphonies, because symphonies presented themselves to him, since the time he was nine years old. When an idea gets a hold of you, you get into a place of surrender, where you just “let go and let God.”

Inspiration is evidence of the invisible laws of True success at work! Action does not lead to True Success, but inspired action always does!

Please share your opinions!

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success is a feeling   For many people trying to align with their True Success and Divine Purpose, their biggest stumbling block is meditating consistently.

  1. Don’t look at meditation as a “to do!”  It should be something wonderful that you enjoy and look forward to. It’s not about the technique — the technique is not meditation. Meditation is about “being still” and being “free.”
  2. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. You don’t have to join a monastery or sit in lotus for hours.
  3. You don’t have to meditate for 20-30 minutes at a time.  Many people use the 3×3 method of meditating for 3 minutes – 3 times a day.
  4. Try meditating before you get out of bed. Take a few minutes to connect with your breath. If your mind kicks in, bring your focus back to your breath.  Give thanks for everything in your life before you get out of bed.
  5. As you take your shower, take a few minutes to become conscious of the water against your skin, the sensations and the sounds.

Take opportunities throughout the day to stop and give thanks. Every hour or so, stop for a few minutes to, breathe, re-connect and give thanks. Be consistent!

As you practice, you’ll begin to create new neuropathways that will unlock the flow of power, passion and True Success!

Please share your thoughts or arguments!

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How to live without money being an issue!

Too many people are under the false impression that external things will purchase them joy, and that cannot be further from the truth. To illustrate this let me ask you three questions.

  1. What do you want right now more than anything else?
  2. If you were to get number one what would that do for you? What would that change in your life?
  3. If you were to get your wish how would you feel?

What you really want more than anything else is not how you answered number one. It’s how you answered number three. Ninety-nine percent of people answer question number one with an external circumstance – money, health, fame, career, house, new car, whatever. Less than one percent of people answer the question with an internal state like love, joy, peace and love. That is because most people don’t believe they can have the internal state without first achieving the external circumstance.

In other words most people believe that by achieving fame, wealth etc. that will purchase them the love, joy, peace, or freedom that they really want, and that is a lie! It will never purchase that for them.

This is why so many success programs are in violation of True Success. External expectations are killers of our happiness, because the instant you have an external circumstance as your goal, it puts you into an immediate chronic state of stress until you either get that thing or don’t get it. And stress is the cause of up to ninety-five percent of all illness and disease.

What keeps you from pursuing your Divine Purpose?

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How to Avoid an Addiction to Personal Development! (Part 2)


What’s wrong with this picture? It distorts the truth that everything you need for your Divine Purpose is already encoded into your DNA. Just like an acorn has everything in it to eventually become an acorn tree. It doesn’t need personal development courses to fulfill it’s intended purpose. We are not separate from our Divine Purpose and there are no pieces that are missing. The truth is: we are already the thing we are seeking. We already have it all.

But most of our potential is invisible, waiting to be activated by our focus and faith. Did you know that everything in the visible world makes up only about .001% of reality. The other  99.999% is invisible.

1. Don’t just focus on what you can see, touch, hear, and feel. You are cutting yourself off from the vast majority of your potential, and limiting yourself to visible external conditions.

2. Begin to shift your focus from the effects ‘out there’ to the ’cause’ or ‘source’ within you, and activate your innate wisdom to bring you the insights and opportunities necessary to grow to the next level.

3. Become more rooted in the changeless, infinite nature of your real being than in the world of constantly changing forms.

What are your opinions on Divine Purpose being within us? Write your comments below!

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How to Avoid an Addiction to Personal Development!

personal development


I’ve spent a good part of my life practicing self-improvement in an effort to “fix” myself. The more self-improvement work I did, the more broken and inadequate I began to feel.  Finally I became aware that there is a part of me that doesn’t need fixing; a part of me that has never been damaged. I finally discovered that deep within me nothing is really missing and nothing needs to be fixed.

On this journey, I’ve come to realize that we really don’t solve our own problems; our problems actually dissolve as we evolve. None of us can really manipulate and manage our lives, but we can turn inside and discover what’s really there!

Just like the Sun doesn’t actually rise and set; although it appears that way, the truth is that we are actually revolving. Accessing the Divine Purpose within us is more like tuning our dial to the channel where the music is playing, and as we do, we come to realize that the music was playing all the time, we just weren’t tuned in.

In reality, your current problems only exist at your current frequency. If you raise your frequency your current problems can no longer exist! The songs that are playing on K-Lack are not playing on K-Rich – they are completely different frequencies. If you stay at 32 degrees you will always have problems with ice, but if you raise your temperature ice no longer exists. Your current problems cannot exist at higher frequencies. As you begin to say “yes” to your Divine Purpose, you raise your frequency and create a completely new reality.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Stop obsessing about your need to fix yourself!  Your “True-Self” is not broken, or in need of fixing. That is your “False-Self,” and it is defined by your limiting beliefs!

2. The answers are with in you! You have a Divine Purpose just waiting to emerge. By letting go of the belief that you are broken, you are allowing your Divine Purpose to emerge.

3. Just like a beach ball that is held under the water will fly up and hit you in the face once you let it go, your Divine Purpose is waiting to spring forth as soon as you stopping holding it down with the belief that the answers lie outside of you.

What has been your experience with personal development? Has focusing on your weaknesses caused your life to imporove?

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