How You can Benefit from my Journey with Anxiety and Limiting Beliefs! (Part 1)


For the next little while I will be sharing my personal story and documenting my  journey with the “Law of attraction.”

I have struggled with an anxiety disorder that has caused me to have panic attacks, and at times, severe depression. My attempts to  compensate for my fears and worries, led me into perfectionism and driven-ness, which only seemed to be a vicious cycle.

In addition to the anxiety,  I have also experienced “blocks” in certain areas of my life.  One of the most blaring blocks has been  a “financial-block.” For some reason I have been unable to succeed financially to the degree I’ve desired, no matter how many courses I took, no matter how may businesses I tried, no matter how hard I worked.

I came to realize that I had done “all I could do” from a standpoint of goal-setting and willpower to change my situation, and it wasn’t working. So in July I started trying to implement the “Law of Attraction” in my life. I have kept a journal to document my progress so I can share my experience and my journey with others who are going through similar challenges.

Here are some of the things I have experience and learned in the first months of my journey:

1. The “Law of Attraction” seemed to work in some area of my life but not in others.  I seemed to be attracting knowledge, people, learning opportunities at an amazing rate.

2. I was inspired to begin writing a book based on my experiences.

3. I was lead to an amazing coaching program designed to help people become “Best-selling” authors.

4. I was directed to influential people in the market I wanted to pursue.

5. I learned about the power of focus and about the energy of thoughts and emotions.

Although the “Law of attraction” seemed to be working in some areas of my life, it did not seem to be working in the areas I knew I was “blocked” in, like my finances.

Since then I have gained a  deeper understanding of many of the pieces of the “Law of attraction” that are definitely missing from ” The Secret” and common interpretations of the “Law of Attraction.”

I invite you to come with me as I share my journey to align with my Life’s Purpose and experience what I call “True Success.

In my next blog I will share with you one of the biggest things missing from “The Secret” – The power of the Subconscious Mind!

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