How to Experience “The Flow” of Inspiration!


Inspiration is a principle of True Success and Divine Purpose, but where does inspiration come from?

Inspiration is flowing energy that is unseen by the human eye, and the power with which it is felt is undeniable proof of Source Energy. Inspiration is evidence of your Divine Purpose.

Inspiration connects you to True Success in a manner that can’t be experienced in any other way. Mozart didn’t have to motivate himself to write symphonies, because symphonies presented themselves to him, since the time he was nine years old.

When an idea gets a hold of you, you get into a place of surrender, where you just “let go and let God.” Allow this spirit to compel you in directions you are willing to submit to.

We all come into this life with something to accomplish, and no matter how much others try to motivate us to do what they think we should do, it just doesn’t work because we were intended to find that which inspires us. We have to align and connect with our own Divine Purpose and that comes through living an inspired life.

Inspiration flows as you “let go” of your “outside-in” desire to just take action, and begin taking inspired actions.

Here are some steps to help you experience the flow of inspiration:

1. Dont Try to motivate yourself!

Motivation is getting a hold of an idea and taking it to its logical conclusion and not letting anything get in the way of that. We say a motivated person doesn’t let obstacles stop them and doesn’t let anyone to interfere with them, because they are highly directed toward a certain goal.  Inspiration is the complete opposite. Inspiration is when an idea gets ahold of you and takes you where you were originally intended to go in the first place. It’s very different from motivation. Motivation is temporary and comes from a focus on “outward circumstance.” Motivation requires willpower and will never lead to transformation or True Success. Motivation comes from the wrong part of the mind. It is the product of the conscious mind and overlooks your subconscious blueprint.

2. Try Meditation

Only by changing our subconscious blueprint can we gain the ability to direct our energy in the direction we want it to go. This allows our subconscious attention to give us everything we need for True Success. When our subconscious energy is going in the direction of our dreams and passions life becomes easy, effortless and we enter the flow state, where there is no need for willpower, there is no forcing and no unpleasantness.

3. Remember that compulsion never works!

Compulsion is the reason so many “so-called” successful people spend their entire lives pursuing a dream someone else gave them only to end up in misery, surrounded by trophies they don’t care for. Compulsion is the opposite of inspiration. For years I practiced the belief that “successful people do the things that unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do.” This belief is based on EGO and in my life it was the cause of “dis-ease.” It drove me to “frantically maneuver;” forcing me to do things that weren’t in alignment with who I am.

4. Only take inspired action

“Inspired action” is the universe’s way of alerting you to an opportunity to create an outcome that is meant for you. When you consistently focus on certain outcomes that are aligned with your purpose, like having more abundance, having your dream career, having a successful business and so on, you start drawing forth all of the resources, people, and opportunities that can help you make those outcomes a physical reality. And many of those resources show up in the form of inspired ideas, or inspired “actions” that you can take.

What recommendations do you have on “how to live an inspired life?” Comment below!

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