How to change your money blueprint!

money blueprit

Does financial success seems to be alluding you in spite of hard work and massive effort? Why are  95% of  people who purchase wealth building courses, books and audio programs still broke?

The harder you try to succeed using conscious goal setting and will-power, the more you are going to remain stuck. If you are consciously setting goals and not getting real results, you are using the wrong part of your brain!

The Bad News Is… your subconscious mind is keeping you stuck.

The Good News is… changing your subconscious blueprint gives you the ability to direct your energy in the direction you want it to go.

Your subconscious mind has a “gatekeeper” that rejects the goals you set with your conscious mind if they go against your subconscious blueprint. The same mechanism that rejects the idea of jumping off a building is also rejecting all other options that take you out of your subconscious “comfort zones.” Your subconscious mind is protecting you, but at the same time it can be limiting you and keeping you stuck unless you re-write the blueprint.

Here are some steps that will help you get past the “gatekeeper” and re-write your subconscious blueprint:

1. The gatekeeper to the subconscious mind needs to be bypassed, and you can do this through the use of meditation, or self-hypnosis.  Meditation slows your brain wave activity causing the ‘gatekeeper” to take a break.

2. In this slower brain wave state you can re-write the blueprint by giving the subconscious mind instructions that you want it to carry out.

3. Never tell the subconscious how, or when to do it, just give it the instructions and let it do its work. Your subconscious mind is far more powerful that any computer and it know what files to delete and which one to re-write.

4. Let it go! After you have given the subconscious mind an instruction such as: “Find new opportunities to bring more income into my life,” let go and let your subconscious find the way.

Here is a great meditation to help you re-write your money blueprint:

The key is to get past the gatekeeper and that cannot be done in a fully conscious state.

Please share your comment and experiences below!

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