How to connect with Purpose, Passion and True Success!

Too many people are under the false impression that external things will purchase them joy, and that cannot be further from the truth. To illustrate this let me ask you three questions.

  1. What do you want right now more than anything else?
  2. If you were to get number one what would that do for you? What would that change in your life?
  3. If you were to get your wish how would you feel?

What you really want more than anything else is not how you answered number one. It’s how you answered number three. Ninety-nine percent of people answer question number one with an external circumstance – money, health, fame, career, house, new car, whatever. Less than one percent of people answer the question with an internal state like love, joy, peace and love. That is because most people don’t believe they can have the internal state without first achieving the external circumstance.

In other words most people believe that by achieving fame, wealth etc. that will purchase them the love, joy, peace, or freedom that they really want, and that is a lie! It will never purchase that for you.

This is why so many success programs are in violation of your brain, mind, physiology and the spiritual. External expectations are killers of our happiness, because the instant you have as you goal an external circumstance it puts you into an immediate Chronic state of stress until you either get that thing or don’t get it. And stress is the cause of up to ninety-five percent of all illness and disease.

So what is the number one goal in your life? If it is an external circumstance it will cause you to fail! Even if you made a million dollars you would be unhappy because of the stress, and the internal will-power needed can never be sustained. This is not True Success! You are violating your Divine Purpose. Your Divine Purpose is about what is internal.

Please share you comments on how this has affected your ability to connect to Purpose and Success.

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