How You can Benefit from my Journey with Anxiety and Limiting Beliefs! (Part 2)


Welcome to part two of my series documenting my journey with the “Law of Attraction” from the standpoint of someone who has struggled with anxiety disorder.

In my last blog post I mentioned how anxiety, depression and perfectionism seemed to have created success blocks in certain areas of my life and no matter how hard I worked, or whatever I tried, things pretty much stayed the same. I also shared how my results so far in applying the Law of Attraction have been mixed.

I believe this is because there are some things missing from most people’s understanding of the law of attraction. These are the flaws in people’s beliefs pertaining to this Universal law:

1. The belief that people have the ability to always think positively. That is impossible to do, especially for anxiety sufferers.

2. The belief that conscious willpower and self-discipline are sufficient to maintain a high emotional frequency.

3.  The belief that we can align with Divine Intelligence without the most powerful part of our minds – the subconscious.

Albert Einstein said: “You can’t solve a problem using the same mind that caused the problem in the first place.”

For people with anxiety, their issues and limitations are deeply embedded in the subconscious mind, as are every one elses.

There are four brain wave states that a person can experience (Beta, Alpha, theta and Delta). Applying the “Law of Attraction” requires that we learn to surrender the conscious (Beta) mind to the subconscious (theta) mind. Surrender means giving up worry and stress of trying to fix your problems with the least effective part of your mind – your conscious mind.

Remember the Beta mind is for logical analyzing. It doesn’t have a grasp for how to solve high-end problems. We surrender by admitting that our Beta mind doesn’t know the answers, but that there is a greater part of us that does. When we go into a Theta brain wave state the filter between our conscious and subconscious minds is dropped allowing the conscious mind to give directions to the subconscious.

Our Theta mind is greater intelligence – it is unlimited. It has access to every piece of information in the Universe instantaneously. It is our bandwidth to Divine Intelligence and Divine Inspiration! Einstein came out of a Theta state with E=mc2.

Understanding this helps our conscious mind relax and let go rather than feeling anxious and worried. Surrendering to our greater intelligence allows us to bring in knowledge and information, by commanding our subconscious while in a Theta state. This is how we reprogram our subconscious mind and eliminate limiting beliefs.

The only thing you have to do is release the “ego” of thinking your conscious mind has the answers.

This is certainly a very different approach than what we’ve been taught about “just being positive” or “not allowing negative thoughts.” It’s impossible to just “be positive!” What we really need to do is embrace what we’re thinking right now, and let our thinking reveal to us what we want to change.

I believe this is why the “Law of Attraction” worked for me in areas, and not in others. It worked in areas where my subconscious blueprint was in alignment with my conscious  beliefs, but it didn’t work in areas where there was conflict between the two minds. These were the areas where I had the most anxiety.

Surrendering to a Theta brain-wave state means that you can speak directly to the subconscious mind. You can command it using a 3 step formula.  In part three of this series I will share the 3 step formula for “how to command the subconscious mind.”

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How You can Benefit from my Journey with Anxiety and Limiting Beliefs! (Part 1)


For the next little while I will be sharing my personal story and documenting my  journey with the “Law of attraction.”

I have struggled with an anxiety disorder that has caused me to have panic attacks, and at times, severe depression. My attempts to  compensate for my fears and worries, led me into perfectionism and driven-ness, which only seemed to be a vicious cycle.

In addition to the anxiety,  I have also experienced “blocks” in certain areas of my life.  One of the most blaring blocks has been  a “financial-block.” For some reason I have been unable to succeed financially to the degree I’ve desired, no matter how many courses I took, no matter how may businesses I tried, no matter how hard I worked.

I came to realize that I had done “all I could do” from a standpoint of goal-setting and willpower to change my situation, and it wasn’t working. So in July I started trying to implement the “Law of Attraction” in my life. I have kept a journal to document my progress so I can share my experience and my journey with others who are going through similar challenges.

Here are some of the things I have experience and learned in the first months of my journey:

1. The “Law of Attraction” seemed to work in some area of my life but not in others.  I seemed to be attracting knowledge, people, learning opportunities at an amazing rate.

2. I was inspired to begin writing a book based on my experiences.

3. I was lead to an amazing coaching program designed to help people become “Best-selling” authors.

4. I was directed to influential people in the market I wanted to pursue.

5. I learned about the power of focus and about the energy of thoughts and emotions.

Although the “Law of attraction” seemed to be working in some areas of my life, it did not seem to be working in the areas I knew I was “blocked” in, like my finances.

Since then I have gained a  deeper understanding of many of the pieces of the “Law of attraction” that are definitely missing from ” The Secret” and common interpretations of the “Law of Attraction.”

I invite you to come with me as I share my journey to align with my Life’s Purpose and experience what I call “True Success.

In my next blog I will share with you one of the biggest things missing from “The Secret” – The power of the Subconscious Mind!

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How to Experience “The Flow” of Inspiration!


Inspiration is a principle of True Success and Divine Purpose, but where does inspiration come from?

Inspiration is flowing energy that is unseen by the human eye, and the power with which it is felt is undeniable proof of Source Energy. Inspiration is evidence of your Divine Purpose.

Inspiration connects you to True Success in a manner that can’t be experienced in any other way. Mozart didn’t have to motivate himself to write symphonies, because symphonies presented themselves to him, since the time he was nine years old.

When an idea gets a hold of you, you get into a place of surrender, where you just “let go and let God.” Allow this spirit to compel you in directions you are willing to submit to.

We all come into this life with something to accomplish, and no matter how much others try to motivate us to do what they think we should do, it just doesn’t work because we were intended to find that which inspires us. We have to align and connect with our own Divine Purpose and that comes through living an inspired life.

Inspiration flows as you “let go” of your “outside-in” desire to just take action, and begin taking inspired actions.

Here are some steps to help you experience the flow of inspiration:

1. Dont Try to motivate yourself!

Motivation is getting a hold of an idea and taking it to its logical conclusion and not letting anything get in the way of that. We say a motivated person doesn’t let obstacles stop them and doesn’t let anyone to interfere with them, because they are highly directed toward a certain goal.  Inspiration is the complete opposite. Inspiration is when an idea gets ahold of you and takes you where you were originally intended to go in the first place. It’s very different from motivation. Motivation is temporary and comes from a focus on “outward circumstance.” Motivation requires willpower and will never lead to transformation or True Success. Motivation comes from the wrong part of the mind. It is the product of the conscious mind and overlooks your subconscious blueprint.

2. Try Meditation

Only by changing our subconscious blueprint can we gain the ability to direct our energy in the direction we want it to go. This allows our subconscious attention to give us everything we need for True Success. When our subconscious energy is going in the direction of our dreams and passions life becomes easy, effortless and we enter the flow state, where there is no need for willpower, there is no forcing and no unpleasantness.

3. Remember that compulsion never works!

Compulsion is the reason so many “so-called” successful people spend their entire lives pursuing a dream someone else gave them only to end up in misery, surrounded by trophies they don’t care for. Compulsion is the opposite of inspiration. For years I practiced the belief that “successful people do the things that unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do.” This belief is based on EGO and in my life it was the cause of “dis-ease.” It drove me to “frantically maneuver;” forcing me to do things that weren’t in alignment with who I am.

4. Only take inspired action

“Inspired action” is the universe’s way of alerting you to an opportunity to create an outcome that is meant for you. When you consistently focus on certain outcomes that are aligned with your purpose, like having more abundance, having your dream career, having a successful business and so on, you start drawing forth all of the resources, people, and opportunities that can help you make those outcomes a physical reality. And many of those resources show up in the form of inspired ideas, or inspired “actions” that you can take.

What recommendations do you have on “how to live an inspired life?” Comment below!

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How to change your money blueprint!

money blueprit

Does financial success seems to be alluding you in spite of hard work and massive effort? Why are  95% of  people who purchase wealth building courses, books and audio programs still broke?

The harder you try to succeed using conscious goal setting and will-power, the more you are going to remain stuck. If you are consciously setting goals and not getting real results, you are using the wrong part of your brain!

The Bad News Is… your subconscious mind is keeping you stuck.

The Good News is… changing your subconscious blueprint gives you the ability to direct your energy in the direction you want it to go.

Your subconscious mind has a “gatekeeper” that rejects the goals you set with your conscious mind if they go against your subconscious blueprint. The same mechanism that rejects the idea of jumping off a building is also rejecting all other options that take you out of your subconscious “comfort zones.” Your subconscious mind is protecting you, but at the same time it can be limiting you and keeping you stuck unless you re-write the blueprint.

Here are some steps that will help you get past the “gatekeeper” and re-write your subconscious blueprint:

1. The gatekeeper to the subconscious mind needs to be bypassed, and you can do this through the use of meditation, or self-hypnosis.  Meditation slows your brain wave activity causing the ‘gatekeeper” to take a break.

2. In this slower brain wave state you can re-write the blueprint by giving the subconscious mind instructions that you want it to carry out.

3. Never tell the subconscious how, or when to do it, just give it the instructions and let it do its work. Your subconscious mind is far more powerful that any computer and it know what files to delete and which one to re-write.

4. Let it go! After you have given the subconscious mind an instruction such as: “Find new opportunities to bring more income into my life,” let go and let your subconscious find the way.

Here is a great meditation to help you re-write your money blueprint:

The key is to get past the gatekeeper and that cannot be done in a fully conscious state.

Please share your comment and experiences below!

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How to connect with Purpose, Passion and True Success!

Too many people are under the false impression that external things will purchase them joy, and that cannot be further from the truth. To illustrate this let me ask you three questions.

  1. What do you want right now more than anything else?
  2. If you were to get number one what would that do for you? What would that change in your life?
  3. If you were to get your wish how would you feel?

What you really want more than anything else is not how you answered number one. It’s how you answered number three. Ninety-nine percent of people answer question number one with an external circumstance – money, health, fame, career, house, new car, whatever. Less than one percent of people answer the question with an internal state like love, joy, peace and love. That is because most people don’t believe they can have the internal state without first achieving the external circumstance.

In other words most people believe that by achieving fame, wealth etc. that will purchase them the love, joy, peace, or freedom that they really want, and that is a lie! It will never purchase that for you.

This is why so many success programs are in violation of your brain, mind, physiology and the spiritual. External expectations are killers of our happiness, because the instant you have as you goal an external circumstance it puts you into an immediate Chronic state of stress until you either get that thing or don’t get it. And stress is the cause of up to ninety-five percent of all illness and disease.

So what is the number one goal in your life? If it is an external circumstance it will cause you to fail! Even if you made a million dollars you would be unhappy because of the stress, and the internal will-power needed can never be sustained. This is not True Success! You are violating your Divine Purpose. Your Divine Purpose is about what is internal.

Please share you comments on how this has affected your ability to connect to Purpose and Success.

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