As a child I knew what if meant to live “Fully Alive.” I knew what I loved to do and I knew what brought me joy. For me it was playing baseball. I could play baseball for hours and completely lose track of time. When I woke up on summer mornings I could hardly wait to jump out of bed and get a baseball game going.

When I wasn’t playing baseball I was day-dreaming about baseball, reading books and articles about baseball. I would walk with my friends to 7-Eleven to buy baseball cards and baseball trading cups. I would buy baseball magazines so I could cut out the pictures and put them up on my bedroom wall.

Somewhere along the way I lost the ability to be “fully alive.” As anxiety and fear of failure crept into my life I began avoiding many of the joys of life, in order to avoid pain and disappointment.

If you are experiencing self-doubts, feelings of emptiness or purposeless, feeling disconnected spirituality, longing for something more, living without joy or passion, addictions and self-defeating behavior, making a living, but not living, feeling held-back or stuck you are probably living to avoid pain rather than being “fully alive”. Here are some steps that can help:

1. Acknowledge that in order to be “fully alive” you have to go through some pain.Pain is a part of life so embrace it and realize that pain is evidence that you are alive. Don’t miss out on the adventures of life because you’re trying to avoid the possibility of pain and disappointment.

2. Discover your Divine Purpose. What are your innate gifts and talents? What would you do if time and money weren’t an issue? How can you use your gifts to enhance the lives of others?

3. Do something you love to do everyday – even if its a short time. Your passions are evidence of what you are created to be.

4. Follow your dreams! God wouldn’t have planted those dreams in your heart, without giving you the ability to go make them happen.

5. See the humor in life! Allow yourself to laugh and have fun. Laughter will restore your love for living.

What stops you from being “fully alive?” Are you ready to resurrect your life by aligning with your Divine Purpose? What steps are you willing to take today to begin the process? Share your comments below!

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