How to Create True Success – Exceed People’s Expectations!


True Success and Divine Purpose require that we imagine things that will exceed people’s expectations; things that solve people’s problems in unexpected ways; things that will create a new image of your own life.

True Success is not found in just imagining, but in allowing our imagination to create something that delights, amazes, and awes. It means creating something that begins with a dream and a passion and resonates with people at a deep level. Something that gives them goose bumps, moves them to tears, and returns them to a sense of joy and wonder.

True Success lies in creating something that helps people experience purpose, meaning, and even God. True Success comes as you help people suddenly “get it” in a new way, and it lies in creating something that helps them experience timelessness, being fully present in what is happening now, as if time is standing still. True Success flows are we seek the inspiration to create something that inspires others!

True success is creating something that “has to be shared,” because it can’t be contained, something people will recommend unconditionally.

True Success comes as we allow ourselves to image, or visualize what would happen if we follow our God-given dreams and passions.

Two things happen when we visualize:

1. Inwardly we are opening up the creativity of the subconscious mind. Inspiration comes to our subconscious mind. That is why when we combine affirmations with visualization we are creating a very powerful tool. Closing our eyes and seeing it as if it has already happened.

2. Then by adding the power of emotion, we give a command to our subconscious mind to figure out how to make this image a reality.

“Visualization” affects your beliefs, thoughts and emotions in ways that create powerful resonance with your Divine Purpose. Remember, the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something that is real and something that is imagined. Visualization puts you more powerfully in the feeling of what your mind is creating.


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