How to Claim Your Power to Create Your Life!

Recently, as I went though  a very difficult time in my life, I had the opportunity to take an honest look at what was going on and come to terms with the fact that, because of the amazing creative powers of the human mind, I was actually responsible for creating the current situations in my life. My dominant thoughts, or the things that I believed and  focused on where creating my current reality.

This type of responsibility toward our God-given creative powers is what makes transformation possible!

Human beings have been endowed with powerful God-given creative faculties, and the act of creation begins as we create a vision or an image in our mind. Imagination is the mental faculty out of which visions arise.

Everything that has ever been created started out as an image in somebody’s mind, like watching a movie. One of our biggest problems is that we don’t comprehend the power of our own minds. What is mind? Mind is movement and when you put your movie into your mind it begins to move into form.

Here are some steps that will help you begin creating a life that is aligned with your purpose and passions.

1. Visualization – This the process of imagining yourself having achieved your ideal life, down to the smallest details. Visualization is the most effective way to achieve an abundant vibration.

2. Emotion – Combine Visualization with the emotion of music. Create your own vision board or mind movies. Be sure to use pictures and music that cause a deep emotional response. Remember, emotion is the language the Universe understands and our subconscious minds don’t know the difference between something imagined and something real.

3. Repetition – We are constantly shaping our own brain chemistry without even realizing it. When we visualize something repeatedly with strong emotion, the repetition of that emotion begins to create new neural pathways. The strong emotions we associate with the image actually in grains the image into our brains. The repetition causes our brain cells or neurons to fire over and over again.  That’s a scientific way of saying that the more we do something the easier it is for us to do. And the easier it is for us to do the more our brains will do it, because the brain becomes addicted to the emotion of the repetition.  This is the reason why we are drawn in any direction, positive or negative.

The intelligence of the Universe responds, not to our thinking, not to our words, but to our emotions, so if I am feeling and acting as if my dreams and passions are already mine the Universe will match and mirror my emotions.

What do you think about the creative potential of the  Human mind? Have you used your own creative powers to transform your life? Share your comments below!

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As a child I knew what if meant to live “Fully Alive.” I knew what I loved to do and I knew what brought me joy. For me it was playing baseball. I could play baseball for hours and completely lose track of time. When I woke up on summer mornings I could hardly wait to jump out of bed and get a baseball game going.

When I wasn’t playing baseball I was day-dreaming about baseball, reading books and articles about baseball. I would walk with my friends to 7-Eleven to buy baseball cards and baseball trading cups. I would buy baseball magazines so I could cut out the pictures and put them up on my bedroom wall.

Somewhere along the way I lost the ability to be “fully alive.” As anxiety and fear of failure crept into my life I began avoiding many of the joys of life, in order to avoid pain and disappointment.

If you are experiencing self-doubts, feelings of emptiness or purposeless, feeling disconnected spirituality, longing for something more, living without joy or passion, addictions and self-defeating behavior, making a living, but not living, feeling held-back or stuck you are probably living to avoid pain rather than being “fully alive”. Here are some steps that can help:

1. Acknowledge that in order to be “fully alive” you have to go through some pain.Pain is a part of life so embrace it and realize that pain is evidence that you are alive. Don’t miss out on the adventures of life because you’re trying to avoid the possibility of pain and disappointment.

2. Discover your Divine Purpose. What are your innate gifts and talents? What would you do if time and money weren’t an issue? How can you use your gifts to enhance the lives of others?

3. Do something you love to do everyday – even if its a short time. Your passions are evidence of what you are created to be.

4. Follow your dreams! God wouldn’t have planted those dreams in your heart, without giving you the ability to go make them happen.

5. See the humor in life! Allow yourself to laugh and have fun. Laughter will restore your love for living.

What stops you from being “fully alive?” Are you ready to resurrect your life by aligning with your Divine Purpose? What steps are you willing to take today to begin the process? Share your comments below!

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How to Release your Resistance to True Success!


If like most people, you’re struggling with any of these challenges, this article is for you!

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Self-doubts
  • Feelings of emptiness or purposeless
  • Feeling disconnected spirituality
  • Longing for something more
  • Living without joy or passion
  • Anxiety
  • Addictions, or self-defeating behaviors
  • Depression and discouragement
  • Stuck in a job you hate
  • Making a living, but not living
  • Feeling held-back or stuck
  • Burned out
  • Unemployed or under-employed
  • Looking for an easier way

As hard as it may be to believe, your real problem is resistance. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is because inner resistance is blocking the flow True Success! I know that may be hard to believe, but as you continue to read you will see that your lack of flowing success is the result of an inner resistance that exists at a subconscious and spiritual level.

If I were to tell you that your currents results had little to do with how smart you are, how hard you work, or how well you’ve planned your life, you also might find that goes against your current belief system. That is because your current belief system is filled with resistance!

The answer to unlocking your flow of True Success lies deep inside of you and the solution requires that you abandon your “outside-in” focus.

These are the 7 principles of Divine Purpose and the benefits you’ll receive by applying them in your life:

1. Principle: Resonance

Benefit: Experience the joy of your dreams and passions.

2. Principle: Universal Energy

Benefit:  Experience the “flow” of a power beyond your own.

3. Principle: Choice

Benefit: Experience an increased ability to choose beliefs, thought and emotions that bring the flow of Divine Purpose.

4. Principle: Mind Renewal

Benefit: Experience an increased mental bandwidth to the “flow” of Divine Purpose.

5. Principle: Imagination / Vision

Benefit: Experience a clear image of your Divine Purpose.

6. Principle: Inspiration

Benefit: Experience the flow of inspiration

7. Principle: Transformation

Benefit: Experience a “mighty change” through your Divine Purpose.

As you learn about and apply these principles you will learn to see through the myths that have kept you from True Success. You will learn how to connect with the Universal source of power from which True Success flows. You will learn how to reconnect with your true joy and passion. You will learn to choose beliefs, thoughts and emotions that empower you. You will learn how to reprogram your mind with empowering beliefs. You will learn how to create a clear vision of your purpose in life. You will learn how to take inspired actions that are aligned with True Success. You will see your life transformed by the flow of Divine Purpose and True Success.

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How to Create True Success – Exceed People’s Expectations!


True Success and Divine Purpose require that we imagine things that will exceed people’s expectations; things that solve people’s problems in unexpected ways; things that will create a new image of your own life.

True Success is not found in just imagining, but in allowing our imagination to create something that delights, amazes, and awes. It means creating something that begins with a dream and a passion and resonates with people at a deep level. Something that gives them goose bumps, moves them to tears, and returns them to a sense of joy and wonder.

True Success lies in creating something that helps people experience purpose, meaning, and even God. True Success comes as you help people suddenly “get it” in a new way, and it lies in creating something that helps them experience timelessness, being fully present in what is happening now, as if time is standing still. True Success flows are we seek the inspiration to create something that inspires others!

True success is creating something that “has to be shared,” because it can’t be contained, something people will recommend unconditionally.

True Success comes as we allow ourselves to image, or visualize what would happen if we follow our God-given dreams and passions.

Two things happen when we visualize:

1. Inwardly we are opening up the creativity of the subconscious mind. Inspiration comes to our subconscious mind. That is why when we combine affirmations with visualization we are creating a very powerful tool. Closing our eyes and seeing it as if it has already happened.

2. Then by adding the power of emotion, we give a command to our subconscious mind to figure out how to make this image a reality.

“Visualization” affects your beliefs, thoughts and emotions in ways that create powerful resonance with your Divine Purpose. Remember, the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something that is real and something that is imagined. Visualization puts you more powerfully in the feeling of what your mind is creating.

How to take Inspired Action

Today as I am writing this, I just received two emails one was from one of the nation’s top personal development gurus, promoting a new book about the “Power of Self-discipline,” saying that self-discipline and self-motivation are the keys to success. He goes on to say that self-discipline and self-motivation are the difference between greatness and mediocrity. The other email was from a motivational speaker saying that “success is doing what we don’t want to do.”

These are just more of the same “outside-in” success myths that keep us from looking deep inside and finding the joy that leads to inspired action. It amazes me how these old school success guru’s continue to promote the same old myths that have never produced joy, passion or lasting change. It simply is not possible to “white knuckle” ourselves to True Success. The need to “white-Knuckle” is just evidence that we are not aligned with our Divine Purpose.

1. Don’t try to Motivate Yourself?

Divine inspiration is an unseen, yet powerful energy that is undeniable proof of a Divine Source from which our Divine Purpose flows. Inspiration is evidence that our bandwidth to Divine Purpose is wide open.

Reaching high levels of success does require us to leave old comfort zones, but we are more likely to step out into the unknown by following inspiration than we will with our own unsteady willpower.

Divine Purpose flows as you “let go” of your “outside-in” desire to just take action, and begin taking inspired actions.

There are many ways to get inspiration; some people get a warm feeling inside, some people actually get goose bumps, but the key is that when you are inspired you feel joy.

Because inspiration brings joy, inspired action doesn’t feel like work. It’s like play. Like Thomas Edison said when your vocation becomes your vacation then you know you’re where you’re supposed to be.

2. Take Inspired Action

“Inspired action” is the universe’s way of alerting you to an opportunity to create an outcome that is meant for you. When you consistently focus on certain outcomes that are aligned with your purpose, like having more abundance, having your dream career, having a successful business and so on, you start drawing forth all of the resources, people, and opportunities that can help you make those outcomes a physical reality. And many of those resources show up in the form of inspired ideas, or inspired “actions” that you can take.

Many personal development programs solely on taking massive action, and of course without action there can be no results. We cannot reap, unless we sow, but if we’re frantically sowing the wrong seeds we will not reap the desired harvest. True Success happens when we take actions that are inspired by our Divine Purpose.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart didn’t have to motivate himself to write symphonies, because symphonies presented themselves to him, since the time he was nine years old.

When an idea gets a hold of you, you get into a place of surrender, where you just “let go and let God.” Allow this spirit to compel you into directions you are willing to submit to.

We all come into this life with something to accomplish, and no matter how much others try to motivate us to do what they think we should do, it just doesn’t work because we were intended to find that which inspires us. We have to align and connect with our own Divine Purpose and that comes through living an inspired life.

We don’t have to write symphonies in order to fulfill our Divine Purpose; we just have to listen to the something deep inside us that is saying “you must do this. This is your purpose.” It could be adopting and child. It could be starting a business. It could be starting a charity. It could be any of a myriad of things that we are being called to do.

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How to Transform Your Mess into Your Message!

“Let God turn your mess into your message!” – Unknown

1) Let your past mistakes guide you to your true purpose in life.

2) Allow your Divine Purpose to take you into the service of others.

3) Watch miracles happen as you share your story with others.

Maybe the most transformational and inspirational story I have heard is the story of how a twenty-three-year-old English teacher at by the name of  Erin Gruwell whose sense of purpose inspired her to drastically transform the lives of her “un-teachable, at-risk” students.

Many of her class members were involved in gangs, and had experienced the horrors of gang violence on a daily basis. One day she intercepted a note being passed in her class with an ugly racial caricature, and angrily declared that this was precisely the sort of thing that led to the Holocaust—only to be met by uncomprehending looks. Surprisingly these inner-city kids knew nothing about the Holocaust.

Because she was so aligned with her life’s purpose, she took on two additional jobs in order to come up with the money to purchase the treasured books Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and Zlata’s Diary and A Child’s Life in Sarajevo for each class member. She continued working the extra jobs and used the money to take her kids on life-changing educational field trips.

In an effort to help her students feel understood for the problems they face she got each of them to write in a journal about the troubles of their past, present and future. She said that she wouldn’t read then unless the students wanted her too, to her surprise, they all elected to have their journals read.

This was the beginning of an eye-opening, spirit-raising odyssey against intolerance and misunderstanding, as they learned to see the parallels in these books to their own lives, recording their thoughts and feelings in diaries.

When Ms. Gruwell taught her class about Miep Gies, the courageous Dutch woman who sheltered the Frank family, the kids raised funds through a “Read-a-thon for Tolerance” to make it possible for her to visit them in California, where she declared that Erin Gruwell’s students were “the real heroes.”

Their efforts have paid off spectacularly, both in terms of recognition—appearances on “Prime Time Live” and “All Things Considered,” coverage in People magazine, a meeting with U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley—and educationally. All 150 Freedom Writers have graduated from high school and are now attending college.

Ms Grewell’s alignment with Divine Purpose turned the mess of these student’s lives into their message!

This story is a great example of how whatever we continue to focus on expands in our lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s hate and intolerance, or amazing acts of heroism. Whatever we focus on it with any amount of regularity, will continue to expand, strengthening its existence and attracting even more of it into our lives. This is how transformation occurs.

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How to Receive Spiritual Blessings in 2013?

As you go about setting goals for the new year, keep in mind the need for spiritual blessings. Here are some tips that might be useful:

1. The reason goal setting often falls short is that most people’s approach to it is completely dyslexic. It is “outside-in” focused and “ego-driven.” It’s based on myths about what you believe you “should do” and ignores the calling of your true-self – your spirit. “Ego-driven” goal setting is always a temporary solution, because you must continually motivate yourself in order to sustain it.

2. On the other hand, goal setting from an “inside-out” approach is based on the flow of inspiration, passion and joy that come from within. This approach includes your spiritual calling. It is not just purpose-driven; it’s driven by Divine Purpose. It requires no motivation to sustain, because it flows through divine inspiration.

3. Success is too often defined as the achievement of a desired goal that is measured in terms of money, fame, position, accolades, or achievements. There are many aspects to success; material wealth is just one of them. True Success is not something we arrive at it is a journey! Monetary abundance can make the journey a lot more enjoyable, but True Success includes health, passion, relationships, mental health, emotional peace and spiritual well-being.

Your Divine Purpose was put in place long before you came to earth. God’s plan for your life includes weaknesses, challenges, failures and successes. It promises strength in areas where you are lacking. It leads you on paths you would not expect to take, and brings people into your life you would not expect to meet.

Your Divine Purpose is God’s plan for your life. In the end, the value of your life will not be determined by your accomplishments, but by what God has been able to accomplish through you.

4. Let this be the year that you take hold of all the spiritual blessings the Lord has promised — peace, health, protection and victory.

Be encouraged today because no matter what is happening in your life right now, you have a chance for a new beginning. Choose to leave the old behind — leave behind old behaviors, old thinking, old words, and old mindsets and embrace the new by faith. Trust that He is leading you, and this year, declare His Word and embrace the blessings that He has prepared for you!

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