How to Allow True Success!

True success will flow to you as you earn to “let go” and “allow.” Here are some steps that will help you in the process!

1. Stop Grasping Desperately

The more you grasp at money and feel desperate and needy for it, the more you repel it.  When you are in a desperate, anxious, fearful state of mind, you are not a vibrational match to the essence of abundance, so it can’t come to you.  When you relax and detach from it emotionally and start appreciating the money you have, affirming that more is on the way, and trusting that all is well, you immediately start drawing more money and other forms of abundance to you.

Are you seeing a common theme with these causes?  They can be boiled down to one simple statement:  When you feel good, you are aligned with abundance; when you feel bad, you are aligned with scarcity and struggle.

2. Choose your focus

Where your focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

Most people focus on “how it is.” For example: I am in debt. I am overweight. I am alone. The world is a mess. Through this book you will learn of power that comes from focusing on “what can be,” I am debt-free. I maintain a healthy weight. I am supported by other people. I am making a difference in the world.

In life you will have problems, but you have the ability to choose your focus. You can choose to focus on the “goodness of God,” and believe that a Higher Power is greater than your problems. You must make the choice to keep your mind focused on things that will create a high vibrational signal.

Some people say “when my situation turns around then I’ll cheer up,” but it doesn’t work that way. You must cheer up first. You must create a vibrational connection with the goodness of God and then your situation will turn around. As long as you harbor a poor, defeated outlook you will remain in a dissonant, defeated life.

According to Universal Laws, whatever you focus on you will attract more of. That is why you cannot focus on your problems. You cannot focus on what is missing. You cannot focus on your weaknesses or where you fall short. Choose to focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. People are usually gifted in one or two areas and mediocre in the all the rest. We can choose to focus on mastery in the areas we are gifted at, or we can struggle to become average in all the rest.

Focusing on these types of things will weaken your energy signal:

  • Complaining
  • Worrying
  • Obsessing/fretting
  • Wishing things were different
  • Fighting/arguing
  • Regretting past actions/decisions

Choose instead to focus on:

  • Things that are going right for you.
  • Things you are looking forward to.
  • Things that make you feel good.
  • Things you really enjoy.
  • Things you really appreciate.
  • Memories that make you laugh or feel good.
  • People who love you and people you love.
  • Anything positive you see in your daily life, like a baby laughing, beautiful clouds in the sky, or how delicious your lunch is.

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