How to Allow True Success!

True success will flow to you as you earn to “let go” and “allow.” Here are some steps that will help you in the process!

1. Stop Grasping Desperately

The more you grasp at money and feel desperate and needy for it, the more you repel it.  When you are in a desperate, anxious, fearful state of mind, you are not a vibrational match to the essence of abundance, so it can’t come to you.  When you relax and detach from it emotionally and start appreciating the money you have, affirming that more is on the way, and trusting that all is well, you immediately start drawing more money and other forms of abundance to you.

Are you seeing a common theme with these causes?  They can be boiled down to one simple statement:  When you feel good, you are aligned with abundance; when you feel bad, you are aligned with scarcity and struggle.

2. Choose your focus

Where your focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

Most people focus on “how it is.” For example: I am in debt. I am overweight. I am alone. The world is a mess. Through this book you will learn of power that comes from focusing on “what can be,” I am debt-free. I maintain a healthy weight. I am supported by other people. I am making a difference in the world.

In life you will have problems, but you have the ability to choose your focus. You can choose to focus on the “goodness of God,” and believe that a Higher Power is greater than your problems. You must make the choice to keep your mind focused on things that will create a high vibrational signal.

Some people say “when my situation turns around then I’ll cheer up,” but it doesn’t work that way. You must cheer up first. You must create a vibrational connection with the goodness of God and then your situation will turn around. As long as you harbor a poor, defeated outlook you will remain in a dissonant, defeated life.

According to Universal Laws, whatever you focus on you will attract more of. That is why you cannot focus on your problems. You cannot focus on what is missing. You cannot focus on your weaknesses or where you fall short. Choose to focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. People are usually gifted in one or two areas and mediocre in the all the rest. We can choose to focus on mastery in the areas we are gifted at, or we can struggle to become average in all the rest.

Focusing on these types of things will weaken your energy signal:

  • Complaining
  • Worrying
  • Obsessing/fretting
  • Wishing things were different
  • Fighting/arguing
  • Regretting past actions/decisions

Choose instead to focus on:

  • Things that are going right for you.
  • Things you are looking forward to.
  • Things that make you feel good.
  • Things you really enjoy.
  • Things you really appreciate.
  • Memories that make you laugh or feel good.
  • People who love you and people you love.
  • Anything positive you see in your daily life, like a baby laughing, beautiful clouds in the sky, or how delicious your lunch is.

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How To Use Your Imagination for True Success

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”  – George Bernard Shaw


Visualization is basically the process of imagining yourself having achieved your ideal life, down to the smallest details. Visualization is the most effective way to achieve an abundant vibration.

John Assaraf, an expert in the science of visualization, tells a story of moving into his new beautiful dream home in California and as he was unpacking boxes he came across a vision board that he had created years before. To his amazement, on that vision board, was a picture of the home he had just moved into. Not a picture of a similar home, but a picture of the very home he had just purchased. These were pictures he had cut out of Dream Homes Magazine a few years before. He had never been to the home, he had just imagined himself owing the home one day. The power of his imagination actually manifested the exact same home in his life.

He has never said “I will one day live in that exact same home.” He just felt the excitement of imagining he would one day own a home just like that.

When I was first introduced to this concept I heard about the idea of making a vision board, then I later heard about the idea of mind movies. As I began practicing this principle, the first thing I did was go to Google and search for beautiful images that represented the things I wanted to manifest in my life. Next, I pasted them on a word document. Thirdly, I typed my affirmations under the pictures that matched up with that set of affirmations. Lastly, I found inspirational music that elicited deep emotional feeling as I visualized my new life.

We all run movies in our minds and our emotions are the result of the part we are playing in those movies. If you are worried, it’s because you are imagining the problems and failures you have created in your mental movie. To fully experience True Success you need to imagine yourself already living the life you want to lead. You need to feel the life as if it were true right now. Begin re-scripting your mental movies and create a better future!

To visualize effectively it is important that you are emotionally connected to your outcome. Without the emotional connection you just won’t get the same results. Emotion is one of the most powerful ways to change your thought patterns. Without emotions you’re not changing your vibrational signal.

You can’t be visualizing something vague that doesn’t stir up any emotion, that’s why you must be clear on what you want.

Like the autistic boy, you too, can create True Success in your imagination and it will play out in ways that fulfill your dreams and passions. Remember, the more crystal-clear your images and emotions are, the more powerful your results will be. Here are some steps that might help:


Create your own vision board or mind movies. Be sure to use pictures and music that cause a deep emotional response. Remember, emotion is the language the Universe understands and our subconscious minds don’t know the difference between something imagined and something real.

If you will visualize regularly and keep a look out for the people and opportunities to help you achieve your affirmations you will be shocked at how many things start falling into place for you all on your own. This is “the flow” of True Success.

Through the power of imagination you are planting in your subconscious the seeds of True Success. If you plant a carrot seed in the ground and nourish it with water and sunlight, it’s going to grow. It’s the same way with your mental movies. If you’ll plant the seed of imagination and nourish it with emotion, your mental movies will begin to resonate with your dreams and they will bring forth the reality you’ve imagined.

Practicing this principle will put you in a select group of people. The average individual is not writing his own movies, he is only an extra in the wrong movie.

Another thing about visualization is that you can use it to continually improve on the results you are currently getting.

But long as you can’t imagine what you want to create it’s not going to happen. If you can see it, it can come to pass. You have to envision good things happening before they ever will.

If you want to connect to all the blessings and favor of your Divine Purpose, you need to enlarge your vision. You must conceive it in your mind and heart before you will receive it. This will never happen if you’re entertaining negative, defeated and limiting thoughts. What you keep before your eyes will affect you. You will produce what you’re continually seeing in your mind. If you see victory, success, health, abundance, joy, peace and happiness, nothing can block those things from manifesting in your life.

Your Divine Purpose manifests in your life as you make room for abundance and increase in your thinking. Universal laws are designed to keep us increasing and reaching new heights. This universe operates by laws that are designed to support us in our desires to create and expand. Our agency is our power to choose the life we will create. The key word here is “create.” And all things are created spiritually (mentally) before they manifest physically. This is where the role of our creative imagination comes into play.

If you don’t think you can create an abundant life it is not because the universe lacks the resources. The barrier is in your mind.

Be a Visionary

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” –Albert Einstein

In the financial world, we see examples of successful people who were visionaries. Bill Gates was a visionary, Steve Jobs was a visionary, and Walt Disney was a visionary.

True success – your Divine Purpose is always created in the mind first, whether it is financial, social, marital, or in finding you source of happiness and meaning.

Two things happen when we visualize:

1. Inwardly we are opening up the creativity of the subconscious mind. That is why when we combine affirmations with visualization we are creating a very powerful tool. Closing our eyes and seeing it as if it has already happened.

2. Then by adding the power of emotion, we give a command to our subconscious mind to figure out how to make this image a reality.

“Visualization” affects your beliefs, thoughts and emotions in ways that create powerful resonance with your Divine Purpose. Remember, the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something that is real and something that is imagined. Visualization puts you more powerfully in the feeling of what your mind is creating.

The whole idea behind visualization is how it affects your feelings. Just having an image in your mind will have no effect. Remember, it’s our feelings that create our frequency. Our visualization needs to create powerful feelings of excitement, inspiration and passion.  We need to use visualization to emotionally experience what we will feel when the thing we are visualizing as if it has already manifested.

Visualization x Emotion x Repetition

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” – Jonathan Swift

We are constantly shaping our own brain chemistry without even realizing it. When we visualize something repeatedly with strong emotion, the repetition of that emotion begins to create new neural pathways. The strong emotions we associate with the image actually in grains the image it into our brains. The repetition causes our brain cells or neurons to fire over and over again.  That’s a scientific way of saying that the more we do something the easier it is for us to do. And the easier it is for us to do the more our brains will do it, because the brain becomes addicted to the emotion of the repetition.  This is the reason why we are drawn in any direction, positive or negative.

The Universe that God has created is run by infinite intelligence! Our planet is moving around the sun, the sun is in its orbit around black holes. There are Protons, Electrons and Quarks all working in perfect order and harmony. The intelligence of the Universe responds, not to our thinking, not to our words, but to our emotions, so if I am feeling and acting as if my dreams and passions are already mine the Universe will match and mirror my emotions.

Everything we see manifested in our lives is a reflection of what’s happening in the brain. Our brains do a couple of major things, first, they keep us alive and secondly, they make sure our outside world is an absolute mirror image of our internal world.

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How to reconnect with True Success – My Story

As a kid, I knew exactly what brought me joy! It was playing baseball. The game was magical to me. I loved everything about it: the uniforms, the equipment, even the dimension of the field. I loved the strategy of each pitch. I love to watch the Major league players who had become my heroes for their amazing ability to play this magical game.

When I wasn’t paying baseball I was day-dreaming about baseball, reading books and articles about baseball. I would walk with my friends to 7-Eleven to buy baseball cards and baseball trading cups. I would buy baseball magazines so I could cut out the pictures and put them up on my bedroom wall.

I remember waking up on summer mornings so full of excitement! I could hardly wait to get outside and start a game.

Baseball resonated with me and there was a magical, joyful feeling that flowed through me when I played it. I knew I was born to play baseball.

No one ever had to motivate me to play baseball! My desire to play flowed as effortlessly as breathing. When I was playing baseball it was as if time didn’t exist, I never checked the time to see when I needed to quit. It required no effort, no hard work and there was no pressure, no stress, just pure joy!

My disconnection from resonance

I grew up in a very normal, happy family. And to this day we are all very close and love each other deeply. My parents were loving and generous people who also happened to be extremely talented and high achieving people. My Dad was gifted in athletics and business, while my mother was a gifted singer.

If there was a challenge in my growing up with this “perfect” family it was, ironically, perfectionism. Somewhere during those early years, I accepted the belief that I had to live up my parent’s abilities and accomplishments. I believed that I HAD to excel, in the same way, and at the same things they did, in order to be worthy of love and acceptance.

Along the way I came to the conclusion that there were only two standards of performance: perfection or failure, there was no middle ground. This caused me to drive myself very hard and to put a lot of internal pressure on myself. In doing so, I became my own harsh judge.

So by the time I reached high school the inner pressure of perfectionism had me completely disconnected from my earlier, pure love of baseball.  The passion that had once resonated so strongly, had been whittled away, one perfectionistic piece at a time. I had become terrified of not living up to my own perfectionistic ideals, no longer playing for the joy of the game, but instead trying to avoid failing, because failure, of any kind, was not an option. What could I do but try even harder, which brought on more stress and anxiety.

My first year of high school I was chosen for one of the lower teams, but in the first game, my tension was so high that I made two errors and struck out three times. In my mind, this was completely unacceptable, and I sunk into a feeling of despair I had never before experienced.

When I tried out the next year I was so anxious to prove myself, and so fearful of making a mistake, that I could hardly function. Baseball was no longer an “effortless flow.”

In college, I did what I felt I “should” do by pursuing a major in business, which brought no joy or passion. In fact, it caused me great anxiety and when I didn’t excel in my school work I experienced frustration and discouragement.

When I graduated, I followed my Dad’s footsteps and went into sales. By now I was completely disconnected from what brought me joy, and was completely without a dream or passion in my life. I was just doing what I thought “I should” do.

Of course, I took on my sales career with the same perfectionistic mindset.  I definitely had an “outside-in” focus, needing the recognition, bonus checks and awards that are typical people having to be motivated to do something they aren’t inspired by.

Under the stress of trying to be high-performer, in something I didn’t love, I began having panic attacks and severe depression. Somehow I continued in sales for another 25 years, all the time driving myself, and continuing to battle anxiety. Eventually an obsessive compulsive disorder began to take over and I hit the wall. I knew there had to be something more. I had reached the point of emotional and spiritual bankruptcy.

I was also headed toward financial bankruptcy because the anxiety I felt kept me trapped in limiting beliefs and financial abundance seemed to elude me in spite of how hard I was working.

It all changed one Sunday afternoon as I was in my bedroom praying.  On my knees, by now truly desperate, something seemed to subtly shift and a gentle message poked through my despair: I got the impression that we needed to move to Utah where my father-in-law worked as a personal success coach for the Professional Education Institute, a company that helps clients all over the world move closer to their dreams and passions

My Reconnection to Resonance

It was while I was working there that I had the opportunity of meeting best-selling author Jack Canfield. He spoke to the employees, and in his presentation, he took us through a meditation exercise designed to help us connect with our “Highest Good.” This simple exercise had a life-changing effect on me. For years I had an inner desire to become an author myself. I had started and stopped several times in my efforts to write a book. As Jack spoke to us that day, something amazing took place inside of me that caused powerful emotions to resonate. I know now that these feelings that resonated so powerfully inside of me where calling me to my “Divine Purpose,” calling me to live the joy that was designed for my life.

This experience has caused me to ask myself, “What if everything I’ve believed about success is wrong?”

What if true success is a measure of how happy I am? Is it possible that “true success” is intended to be less effortful? What if true success is less about effort and more about allowing?

I’ve come to learn that “True success” is the result of inspired action that “flows” naturally and effortlessly as a result of compelling dreams and passions. It involves actions that are so joyful and effortless that they cause you to lose track of time. Once you’ve experienced the resonance I’m describing, you’ll know that inspired actions do not feel like work at all.

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How to Reprogram Your Mind for True Success!

Are you stuck at a certain level of success? Do you battle a lack of inspiration, bad habits, financial lack, emptiness or self-defeating behaviors? I struggled with all of these things for most of my life. Although I tried very hard to change them through force of will and self-discipline, I saw no long-term results. I believed that in order to make changes I had to “try harder,” use more self-will and exercise more  self-discipline.

When we see things in our outer world that we want to change, why can’t we just make a conscious decision to change and that’s enough, end of story? Weren’t we always taught that we could do anything we set our minds to? In my case it was because my subconscious mind knew that “trying harder” would cause more anxiety, stress and frustration, so it resisted.

After years of disappointment I’ve learned that nothing will ever change in our “outer-world” until it changes in our “inner world.”  This is why people with  a mentality of lack can win the lottery, and within as short period of  time find themselves destitute again, while people with a mentality of abundance can who lose everything and  make it all back in a very short time.

This subconscious resistance  to change your “outer-world” is called dissonance. Dissonance occurs when the conscious and subconscious minds are not in sync. The conscious mind looks at the “outer world” and  desperately wants to make a change, but the subconscious mind fights against it, in an effort to stay where it believes it is safe and protected.

Because the subconscious mind is so much more powerful than the conscious mind it always wins.  When we are in mental dissonance we feel frustrated and desperate to make changes but our best efforts seem to be for not. This is not because of moral weakness! It is how our brains are designed to work.

Because emotion is the language the Universe understands, frustration and desperation are the signals we send out, and more frustration and desperation are  attracted into our lives, keeping us stuck in our current situation.

How is this possible?  How do we break out of this mental dissonance that keeps us trapped? There are techniques that assist us in getting both parts of our mind to work in sync. Here are some techniques that will help:

1. Meditation – The purpose of meditation is to slow down the conscious mind and relieve it of the tension it is under. When the subconscious mind is resisting the conscious mind is over-working, trying to overcome.By slowing down the conscious mind it gives the two minds an opportunity to get on the same page. Here is a meditation I use and recommend very highly.

2. Suggestion (or affirmation) – While you are in a meditative state the two minds are in sync and the subconscious mind is open to receive suggestions. During meditation, or right before or after is the time when affirmations are most successful.

3. Repetition –  With repetition the subconscious begins to realize that the conscious mind isn’t trying to get it to do something that would cause pain or be dangerous.

The subconscious mind is where our spirit and our brain connect. The spirit has access to all truth and can access the answers you are seeking. The subconscious mind grants us access to spiritual intelligence, which has the answers to all our questions.

When Napoleon Hill was trying to come up with the title of his book, “Think and Grow Rich”  he asked his subconscious mind for help before retiring to bed.  He was awakened in the early hours of the morning with inspiration flowing. The title of his book was to given to him by his subconscious mind, through inspiration.

True Success is the result of the conscious mind working in sync with the subconscious mind. This expands our bandwidth the flow of inspiration and aligns us with our Divine Purpose – True Success!

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How to Access “The Flow” of True Success

Have your ever experienced being in “the flow?” Flow is when you are operating without resistance and what you are doing seems to be effortless. Are there certain things that seem to flow more easily than others for you?  Maybe you have seen an athlete that was “in flow,” like Michael Jordan when he scores 60 points. What is this state of flow?

In order to understand the “flow to true success” it’s important to understand a few things:

1.  Everything is Energy

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy this is science.” – Albert Einstein

I love that Einstein said; “this is not philosophy this is science,” but maybe he could have said “It’s not just philosophy, it’s also science,” because I believe it is both. I believe Einstein found the connection between philosophy and science. It’s called Universal law!

Universal laws are where science and philosophy come together; it is where the physical (seen) and spiritual (unseen) worlds combine. Einstein’s statement that “everything is made up of unseen energy,” helps connect True Success with Divine Purpose.

2. True Success Flows from a Divine Source

There is an energy field that is constantly at work in our lives. This is energy that flows from our creator. This energy is the source from with True Success (Divine Purpose) flows. In religious terms we could say that Source Energy is the “goodness of God” or the “light of Christ.”

3. Faith is Energy!

We are all affected by this unseen power called energy! Biblical teachings say that unseen things are only comprehended by faith. Paul taught the Hebrews that: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb 11:1) Faith is energy that Resonates with its Source (the Power of God).

4. Beliefs are Energy!

“You are what you are today because of what you believed about yourself yesterday, and tomorrow you will be what you believed about yourself today.”- unknown

Your personal vibrational energy, which you can control with your brain and thought patterns, is irresistibly attractive to anything else with a similar vibration.

5. Thoughts are energy!

You are what you think, not what you think you are” – Bruce Maclelland

Scientists have proven that your thoughts travel 930,000 times faster than the speed of your voice. No other force or power in the Universe is known to be as great or as quick.

If you want to experience the energy of thoughts, try this experiment: Grab a notebook and pen and write the name of a person or thing that makes you feel good. Then start writing as many positive aspects of that thing that you can think of. Try to fill the entire page if you can. Then sit back and read what you wrote. You should notice that you feel light and uplifted afterwards. Do this for a few minutes every day, and you’d be amazed at how well it boosts your frequency and allows great things into your life!

If you will change your thinking, it will transform your energy. If you go around thinking thoughts of defeat and failure you cannot expect the “goodness of God” to fill you with joy, power, and victory. Thoughts of poverty and lack cannot resonate with abundance. The two concepts are incompatible.”

6. Emotions are energy!

Emotions are the language the Universe understands” – Unknown

There are really only two major emotions, love and fear. All other emotions branch either directly or indirectly from these two. If your life is not manifesting the abundance, joy and meaning you desire, it’s time to make the shift from being “fear-based” to being “love-based.” Positive emotions like faith, expectancy, love and joy have high frequencies and transmit a signal that resonates with the energy of your Divine Source.

“Flow” is a state that occurs when the energies of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions are aligned with our Divine Purpose!

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