“Why Joy Matters and How To Experience It”

I have experienced for myself that here can be no “true Success” in life without joy. For many years of my life I was “success-driven,” but that drive came from an “outside-in” focus. Joy flows in the opposite direction. It flows from the “inside-out.”

“True success” begins on the inside. True Success and joy are spiritual in nature. They flow naturally as we align with our Divine Purpose!

The ultimate purpose for which we were created is to have joy! If you are not experiencing joy, choose to rediscover your true self and reconnect to your Divine Purpose.

We all have something inside us that tells when we are not aligned with our purpose. We can gauge our connection to purpose by the amount of joy we experience. The things that bring you the most joy are the things that are most aligned with your purpose. They are what you were created to do and be.

Spend more time doing things that inspire you; things that make your heart sing. The more time you spend on inspiring activities, the higher your frequency will be, and the quicker you will align with your Divine Purpose.

1. Take time every day to experience beauty. Walk in nature, look at sunsets, gaze at stars of whatever makes you experience a sense of beauty.

2. Take time every day to do something you are passionate about. Building a career around your passions is the best way to find “true success”

3. Take time every day to love and appreciate people. Spend time just loving the most important people in your life. Accept people as they are and appreciate their God-given uniqueness.

4. Always follow your heart and pursue the things that resonate in your soul.

If you are not following what resonates for you, you probably are not experiencing joy. We all have things that bring us joy. For me, it is looking at stars, sunrises and sunsets; it is beautiful summer nights, and stunning mountain views. I feel joy when I’m reading and writing inspiring thoughts and insights.

Joy connects you to the “goodness of God”- the energy field that flows from your Source.

The prescription, for connecting with Divine Purpose, is a high dose of joy. Take time every day to experience the things that bring you joy. You feel joy in those things for a reason. Those are the God-given signals that were intended to show you your true self. You were intended to feel joy in things that are part of your Divine Purpose.

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