How to Unleash the Power of True Success!

Isn’t it amazing how different the world looks from the window of an airplane at 23,000 feet? It is a completely different perspective. A much higher perspective. Often you can see towns and the roads that connects them. You can have a perspective of different places at the same time.

When I was just out college and beginning a new sales career,  I had a very limited perspective, based totally on the limiting beliefs of my limited experience. My first week in the field I experienced all kinds of rejection and frustrations that triggered a lot of anxiety and took me way out of my “comfort zone.” I wanted to quit because I had no vision of what was possible. All I had was the limited vision of what was happening currently. All I could believe was based on the limitations of my past experience.

A few months later I attended to my first National Sales Meeting and began to catch a glimpse of what was possible, but even then, I still couldn’t see where I would be in one year, or five years, or even twenty years. I had no idea that I would go on to be “Salesperson of the year” numerous times. I had no idea that  I would win incentive trips all over the world.

Often the only vision we have is from the perspective of lying on our backs looking up at our giant pile of problems. When we look at our current situation from this perspective we have no vision of Our Higher Purpose.

This means we need to get to higher ground. We need to see the view from a higher perspective. We need to see the landscape from 23,000 feet.

Here are some steps that will help:

1. On the left-hand side of a piece of paper draw a big circle and inside of it write the words: “Where I am now.” In the circle list the conditions you are experiencing currently.

2. On the right-hand side of a piece of paper do the same thing, but this time write: “where I want to be – My higher Purpose.” In the circle list the conditions you want to see in your life.

3. Now, draw an arrow connecting the two circles. Along the arrow start to list some of the milestones that will happen as you progress toward your Higher Purpose. Now you are looking at the bigger picture. You have a higher perspective that allows you to see both places at the same time.

4. finally, ask yourself empowering questions like: “How can I ___________?” (fill in where you want to be) and ‘What if  I could___________?” (fill in things that would make it possible) This opens your mind to possibility thinking, and once you’re seeing possibilities, inspiration begins to flow. Now you have an inspired vision that aligns with your dreams and passions. Now your are aligned with a Higher Purpose instead of a limited view of all your barriers.

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