How to reprogram your brain for true success!

Do you seem to be stuck at a certain level of success you can’t seem to get past? What if everything you believe about success is wrong? Subconscious programming actually has more to do with your level of success than hard work, education, intelligence or even positive thinking.

If you have tried affirmations to attract more success and have not had the results you hoped for it is because of subconscious resistance.

Resistance occurs when your subconscious beliefs are not in agreement with the statement being affirmed.

In order to understand how our brains get programmed for success or failure it is important to understand that we have four levels of consciousness we can experience: Beta, Alpha, Delta, and Theta.

Beta – This is the “awake” state that most adults experience while conscious. Beta readings can vary between (14 Hz to over 100 Hz). The lower the Hz number the more peace and calm we experience, while the higher the Hz number the more we experience panic, fear, and anxiety.

Alpha – The Alpha state ranges from (8 Hz and 13.9 Hz) and is known as a relaxation state, much like you would experience during meditation, going to sleep, and waking up out of sleep. This is when you are most in-tune with intuition, source, and spirit.

Theta – In Theta, the measurements range between (4 Hz and 7.9 Hz). This is the equivalent of a dreaming sleep state, or a deep meditative state. For infants, toddlers, and very young children, this is also known as “sponge mode.” In this brainwave state their brains are encoding all the messages they receive from parents, teachers and care-givers. As they do this they are rapidly forming beliefs about dangers, self-image, self-esteem, as well as, money and success.

Delta – And finally Delta which is below 4 Hz, which is synonymous with a dreamless sleep state or coma type state. This is the brainwave state of babies in the womb. In this state they are already forming beliefs.

Children are able to learn things so quickly because their brains are in a Theta wave dominant state. This is why it’s so much easier to learn a language at a very young age.

Once you reach the age of 6 or 7  your brain switches to a Beta wave state, which is more of a conscious and awake state.

In Beta state your brain develops a filter between the conscious and subconscious minds. This filter prohibits new information from entering the subconscious mind.

When you are in a relaxed and serene state you enter more of an Alpha wave state. In the Alpha state it is easier for new thoughts and beliefs to pass through the filter. New beliefs can be formed if this is done with consistent repetition.

With deep meditation you can access a Theta wave state. In Theta the filter between our conscious and subconscious minds is removed, making it possible for new information, like affirmations to pass into the subconscious mind and create new empowering beliefs that can reprogram your mind for success.

As adults there are two ways we can get past the filter and create new beliefs to reprogram our minds for success.

1. We can sneak information past the conscious mind filter by combining meditation, deep relaxation and affirmations at a Beta State. or

2. We can remove the filter entirely by combining meditation, and affirmations at an even deeper Theta State.

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