How to Be Successful! Part One

“What if everything you believe about success is wrong?!” I ask that question because myths have become so common in our society that Universal principles are now referred to as “secrets.”

Let’s look at some of the common myths that leave out universal principles.

Myth #1 – The self-made man or woman

In reality, there is no such thing as a self-made man or woman! True success is not possible without the power of Universal laws. It’s popular to refer to “the Secret” when discussing Universal Laws,” but, in reality, they are not secrets they are “Principles of Divine Purpose.”

Universal principles have been taught by spiritual leaders since the beginning to time. For example, the Universal truth that “thought is vibration” is taught in the Bible when Jesus said, “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” And He taught that “Our focus can harness the energy that creates worlds” when he said, “all things are possible to him that believeth.”

Modern-day personal development authors have done the same. In 1957, Earl Nightingale recorded his famous classic – “The Strangest Secret,” in which he taught the Universal truth that: “You become what you think about.” Napoleon Hill taught the concept of, “think and Grow Rich.” Now thirty-five years later, Paulo Coelho described the same idea in his novel The Alchemist: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” Just like the law of gravity, Universal Laws are always at work. It’s been our keeping them “a secret” that keeps us from TRUE Success.

Since resonance is a principle of Divine Purpose, let’s define it more clearly. Your Divine Purpose has already been created. It’s waiting for you, offering a signal, and all you have to do is “hone-in” on the signal.

Although we are completely unaware of it, radio waves are constantly moving all around us. However, if we turn on a radio, we can pick up a radio signal just by “tuning in” to the frequency of that particular signal. By changing the radio channel, we can tune in to a different frequency and pick up a completely different signal. That is resonance!

Here is another example: If you take two tuning forks of the same pitch, or frequency, and place them near each other, and strike one of them, the sound waves travel through the air and cause the other one to vibrate as well. We could say that they resonate with each other. However, if we use tuning forks of different frequencies the resonance does not occur. If the frequency of one matches the frequency of the other, it picks up its vibrations. That is resonance! Resonance is when energy frequencies are aligned, in tune or vibrating in harmony.

TRUE Success is a product of spiritual resonance. Spiritual resonance involves the same universal principle as physical resonance, but with energies of much higher frequencies.

To experience resonance with your Divine Purpose you must be in a state of high-frequency thoughts and emotions. That is what Jack Canfield helped me experience with the meditation exercise he took us through.

So what is it that keeps people from experiencing resonance? It’s called dissonance. Dissonance is the opposite of resonance. Because your Divine Purpose is spiritual you must be in a high-frequency state to connect with it.  Low-frequency thoughts and emotions are dissonant from things of the spirit.

I once saw a science experiment where a scientist passed a million volts of electricity through his body without experiencing physical harm. Normally a million volts of electricity would kill a person instantly, but he was able to do it by changing the frequency of the electricity so that it was dissonant from the energy of his body. By doing so the electricity just passed through without any resonance. That’s what happens when vibrational frequencies are dissonant.

Unfortunately, many people live in a state of dissonance. They never experience TRUE Success because their efforts and energies are not in harmony with their divine purpose. Their Divine Purpose passes them by without resonating, because the signal they’re transmitting is not high enough.

Universal Law dictates that if the life you’re experiencing is not joyful, fulfilling and purposeful, it’s because the frequency of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions are not resonating with Divine Purpose.

Myth #2 – Success is “doing” what failures aren’t willing to “do”

Success-myths are low-frequency beliefs that interfere with our connection to Divine Purpose. Any idea or philosophy that isn’t aligned with Universal Laws is a myth.

A success-myth that affected me for many years, is found in the popular booklet titled, “The Common Denominator of Success,” which contains this famous quote: “the secret of success lies in the fact that successful people form the habit of doing things failures don’t like to do.”  (Albert E.N. Gray, Common Denominator of Success). The interesting thing about myths is that they are often half-truths. They contain elements of truth, while leaving out the Universal Principles.

The quote leads you to assume that if you’ll just do the things that unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do, you will be successful. Taking massive action that does not resonate with Divine Purpose is not TRUE Success.

If TRUE Success is joy, why is it that so many people who have focused their lives on doing what failures won’t do, are miserable?  Misery is not success, it is dissonance!

Why doesn’t the “do” always lead to the desired “have?” It’s because the “do,” on its own, will not do much, unless it’s preceded by “be.”  Because withoutbeingaligned with Divine Purpose, we aren’t “being” who we were intended to “be.”

We must first have an inspired vision of who we “are”and then take inspired actions.

Look for part two later this week. Get my FREE Report on “What if everything you believe about success is wrong?!”


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