How to change subconscious beliefs! Part Two: Imagination

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming events.” – Albert Einstein

Another way that we reprogram our subconscious mind to connect with Divine Purpose is through the power of imagination. Remember, the subconscious mind is emotional and processes ideas simultaneously, using pictures.

The success-myth of “doing” is so prevalent in our society that even Nike has chosen the words: “Just Do it!” as their company motto. I suppose that’s ok if what they mean by “do it” is: “imagine it, visualize it, feel it, be inspired by it, and then take actions that are inspired.” But that’s probably too long for a motto, right?

Often we think of imagination as something that kids do. Unfortunately, as we grow up our imaginations get snuffed out quickly as our parents and teachers tell us to quit daydreaming. What we are really doing when we’re imagining, is exercising one of the most powerful mental faculties we’ve been given. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Not long ago I saw a news story about an autistic boy who was the coach’s helper for his high school’s basketball team. He mostly did little things like bringing water and handing out towels. As he was attending to his duties, he would imagine himself playing for the team. He was always rehearsing in his mind the incredible things he would do in game situations.

His passion and devotion to the team earned him so much respect from the coach that in the final game of the season the coach allowed him to suit up for the game. Then with four minutes left in the game, the coach unexpectedly substituted him in.

His first shot was a twenty-footer from the right baseline that missed everything. His second was about the same, but on his third shot he drained a three-pointer, and something just clicked. The images he had rehearsed to over and he began to hit shot after shot. He made six straight shots, mostly three pointers, for a total of twenty points. With each succeeding shot the crowd grew wilder and wilder. When he hit his final three-pointer as time was running out, the scene became utter mayhem. Because of his autism, he was used to feeling different, but this was very different from his real life experience, this was something he had only experienced in his imagination!

The success-myth of “Just Do it” could have never brought this type of result. His success was the result of the images he had played this over every day in his mind – like a movie. The success myth of “just Do it” would have made this situation a fluke and this was no fluke! The script of this movie had been written and rehearsed many times before it actually played out. This is the amazing creative power God has place within each of us!  (Olsen, Zero to Hero, 23)

“Creative Imagination” is the process by which the finite mind has direct communication with infinite intelligence. It is the faculty through which “hunches” and “inspirations” are received. It is by this faculty that basic or new ideas are handed over to man.

It is through this faculty that thought vibrations from the minds of others are received.” (Hill, think and Grow Rich, ch5)

“True Success” begins as an image in the mind. Human beings have been endowed with powerful God-given creative faculties, and the act of creation begins as we create a vision or an image in our mind. Imagination is the mental faculty out of which visions arise.

Everything that has ever been created started out as an image in somebody’s mind, like watching a movie. One of our biggest problems is that we don’t comprehend the power of our own minds. What is mind? Mind is movement and when you put your movie into your mind it begins to move into form.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”  – George Bernard Shaw


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