How to Raise your Emotional Frequency!

Raising your vibrational frequency isn’t hard to do, but learning a few techniques will help you master it. Once you’re doing it consistently it will become a part of your new life of Divine Purpose.

In order to raise your frequency you can ask yourself, “What would make me feel good right now?”

Feeling good is feeling God and raising your frequency is about resonating with the “goodness of God.”

Did you have a negative reaction when I asked, “What would make me feel good right now?” Did you immediately think, “That’s self-centered” or “Not everything that feels good, is good”?

Remember, this is about your Divine Purpose not about satisfying your ego or base desires. We are talking about feeling good mentally, emotionally and spiritually and becoming more connected to your Divine Source. We are talking about things that nurture you, uplift you, honor your, and strengthen your spiritual connection.

When you act on purely physical desires like overeating, abusing your body, or being hurtful to other people, you may feel good temporarily but you only become more dissonant from your Divine Purpose.

We are referring to the deeper feelings of the spirit, not the shallow feelings of ego.

The “Universal Principle of Renewal” is about re-connecting to spirit, to the goodness of God and to Divine Purpose! The Emotions Energy Chart below lists emotions in the order of their frequencies from highest to lowest.

The emotions at the top of the chart (Love, acceptance, joy, passion) are most likely to resonate with spirit. While those are the bottom (Fear, despair, shame, unworthiness) are most likely to be dissonant from spirit.

By learning to maintain a high frequency, you’ll become so tuned in to your spiritual source that your life will become a joyful experience! Things you want will begin to manifest, your problems will dissipate more easily and you will begin to experience a state known as “flow.”

Emotional Energy Chart

There are really only two emotions, love and fear, all other emotions stem from those two.

High frequency emotions

  1. Love / Acceptance / Joy
  2. Passion
  3. Enthusiasm / Eagerness / Optimism
  4.  Positive Expectation / Belief and Faith
  5. Optimism
  6. Hopefulness
  7. Contentment

Low-frequency emotions

  1. Boredom
  2. Pessimism
  3. Frustration/ Irritation / Impatience
  4. Disappointment
  5. Doubt
  6.  Worry
  7.  Blame
  8. Discouragement
  9. Anger
  10. Revenge
  11. Hatred
  12. Jealousy
  13. Shame / Guilt / Unworthiness
  14. Fear /  Grief / Depression / Despair / Powerlessness

Positive Self-talk is a great technique for raising your frequency to a higher level. Here are some examples:

I feel really good today.
I like feeling good.
I like feeling inspired and uplifted.
I like feeling expansive and open.
I like feeling excited about my life.
I like it when everything flows easily for me.
I love it when my frequency is nice and high

Look for my upcoming book, “7 Principles of Divine Purpose.”

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