How to receive abundance! The “goodness of God”

The “goodness of God” is in the multiplication business. It doesn’t matter what your need is today, the “goodess of God” exists to increase you!

Friend, the “goodness of God” can make you seem bigger than you really are. It can make you look more powerful. It will multiply your influence, your strength, your talent. It can multiply your income or whatever else you need! You don’t have to figure it all out. All you have to do is believe. If you will release your faith and get up every day expecting Divine favor, then the “goodness of God” will show up and do amazing things. It will bless you beyond your wildest dreams and multiply you in every area of your life!

Can you remember the time when you first discovered a big dream in your heart? Maybe you were determined to excel in your career, or as a parent, or maybe you were focused on deepening your connection to the “goodness of God.” You probably started out with enthusiasm, but maybe things got a little difficult or didn’t happen as quickly as you would have liked. Oftentimes, when things don’t go as planned, people decide, “I’m just going to settle here. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but at least it’s good enough.”

Friend, recognize that you were made for more than “good enough.” You were made to increase, to excel, to grow and stretch. Why don’t you take a step of faith today and embrace the new intend for you.Pick up those dreams and be determined to see them through. It’s a new day, and Divine Purpose makes everything new in your life!

We all have giants or obstacles that try to keep us from possessing what Divine Purpose has in store, especially in our dreams. We have two choices: we can quit and live in mediocrity, or we can fight and take hold of the victory.
In the Bible, the children of Israel were camped right next door to their Promised Land. God had already told them He would give them the victory; all they had to do was go in and fight for the land. But, when they heard how big their opponents were, they had such a weak, defeated mentality that they just gave up. Their attitude was, “What’s the use of even trying? We’ll never defeat those people. We might as well just stay out here in the wilderness.” They settled for mediocrity because they weren’t willing to fight.
Friend, don’t let that be you! The battle you have to fight today is in your mind. You have to change your thinking in order to possess the promises of your Divine Purpose. Start choosing thoughts of faith and victory. Declare that you are an overcomer. As you stand and fight and win the battle in your mind, you’ll move forward and embrace the promises and dreams that the “goodness of God” has for you!

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