How to Recognize the Path of Divine Purpose – Divine Signatures

The path of Divine purpose is marked with Divine Signatures. Divine Signatures are miracles and blessings that are evidences of divine help. They are spiritual proofs that the divine approves and supports you on your path.

We’re not supposed to have little dreams or little plans. We are supposed to have big dreams. You are supposed to go out into the deep things the “goodness of God” has for you. But understand, when you’re out there in the deep waters, you can’t touch the ground. You can’t see the shoreline, and at times, it can get a little rocky.

Your Divine Purpose is calling you into deep waters. The “goodness of God” is with you, because there are deep things on the inside of you. When you are in those deep waters, you are not alone. God’s goodness is always there, causing those deep things inside of you to come forth.

If you feel like you are out in the deep today, if you feel like you are overwhelmed, remember, you are in the right place, the “goodness of God” is with you. You will see Divine signatures in the deep, and you will fulfill the Divine Purpose that is in store for you.

Best-selling author Wayne Dyer said: “If I feel called to something higher and then do nothing about it, I’ll generally find myself experiencing discontentment and disappointment. But when I act upon that calling by being in vibrational harmony with it, and by being willing to share it with a many people as possible, I feel inspired.” (“Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling,” Dyer p.10)

As you become more deeply aware of Divine signatures, you will gain an inner knowing of your “divine purpose.” Deep inside you there is a “knowing” of what your life is to become. Listen to that voice, the one that want you to know your “divine purpose.”


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