Principle-Based Transformation / Principle one: Resonance

Principle-Based Transformation / Principle one:   Resonance

In the spring of 2008, I was working as a personal coach for the Professional Education Institute, a company that does personal coaching and training for some of the major personal development authors in the country. On one occasion we had the privilege of having best-selling author, Jack Canfield, author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” speak to us. In his presentation to us, he took us through an exercise designed to help us connect with our highest desires. This simple exercise had a profound effect on my life. For years I had desired to become an author myself. I had begun the process of writing a book and had started and stopped several times. As Jack took us through the exercise, something amazing took place inside of me. Powerful emotions began to resonate in my soul. These resonating feelings I can only describe as “divine purpose!” It was calling me to finish and publish my first book.

My divine purpose called me to take inspired action on something that was “meant to be.” As I took action on the call, things seemed to fall into place, and within a few months I had completed the book and secured a publisher. When I got the official word from the publisher that they wanted to publish my book, I was overcome with emotion. The feelings I had experienced the day I met Jack Canfield were again resonating within me, but this time even more powerfully.

No one will ever be able to convince me that that Jack Canfield was there that day purely by coincidence. I’ve learned since then, that Jack’s divine purpose is to touch the lives of millions of people, and one of them happened to be me. The power with which his message resonated with me was evidence that my divine purpose was calling me.

Neither is it a coincidence that you are reading this article. Just as it has been a part of my divine purpose to create it.

The resonance I felt that day was a very real energy that came from an invisible realm. It was an unseen power, from an unseen place, based on unseen universal laws, but it was intended to transform my life. Resonating with your divine purpose is a wonderful, joyful experience that makes life meaningful and worth living.

Winston Churchill once said – “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.”

The chances are that many of the things you’ve learned about success and meaning are wrong? Unfortunately, there are many myths and traditions that cripple our thinking and distort our connection with divine purpose. Any idea or philosophy that runs contrary to universal laws is a myth.

An example of a success myth is found a very popular book I was given years ago titled “The Common Denominator of Success.” The books premise is that the secret of success lies in the fact that successful people form the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do. (Albert E.N. Gray, Common Denominator of Success). A myth can often be a half-truth – it contains elements of truth, but leaves out universal principles.

The quote seems to be making the assumption that if you force yourself to do things that unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do, you will be very successful. You could spend the rest of your life disciplining yourself to do what so-called failure wont’ do, and live a life of complete misery. That is not success!

I’m not saying that self-discipline and will power can’t be helpful once you’re on the path of divine purpose, but if you’re using them to go down a dissonant path, the result will always be the same – dissonance. Self-discipline and willpower in and off themselves are insufficient!

The universal principle that is missing from that quote is the principle of resonance. Without a resonant connection to your divine purpose, all the willpower and self-discipline in the world will only result in a life of dissonance.

If you’re going down a path that doesn’t resonate with your divine purpose you will always experience dissonance!

In my personal experience, I have endured years of self-imposed willpower only to miss out on the abundant life I was seeking. The fanatical effort I put into following this myth was much like running into a wall, getting back up and doing it over and over again.  I paid a price for following this myth. I had a heart attack at the age of 49 and suffered through years of stress and anxiety. I missed out on much the beauty, joy and abundance I could have experienced by applying this principle.

Understanding the principle of resonance has made it possible for me to change my belief, thoughts and emotions so that the align with my dreams and passions, it has made it possible for me to connect to everything I have need to follow my divine purpose.

Principle based success isn’t contingent on what anyone else is willing or unwilling to do. It is based on a resonant connection to a universal, unseen energy force that makes everything possible. Maybe the hard life the children of Israel endured made the “easiness” of God’s promises seem impossible. Perhaps it was their years in bondage that caused them to remain dissonant to the universal laws that connect us to God’s promises. They lost their ability to believe in a dream, or have an inspired vision of the “goodness of God.”

To someone who hasn’t experienced resonance, the whole idea may seem “too easy.” That is because resonance leads to inspired action and inspired action rarely feel like work. Principle Based Success always includes the principle of resonance.


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