Tapping to restore your connection to divine purpose

Tapping (EFT)

Tapping, also known as “Emotional Freedom Techniques” (EFT), is a new cutting-edge technique that has emerged and, in my experience, is a powerful tool for transforming the energy signal of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions, making it easier than ever before to experience resonance.

The concept of tapping may seem a little weird at first; I know it did to me. But I was open to giving it a try, because I was ready to eliminate doubts, fears and self-defeating habits.

Over the years I have found that affirmations, visualization and reframing were effective, but when I combined them with tapping an amazing transformation occurred.

My wife will attest to the fact that within a few weeks of beginning EFT I was making significant progress. I was much more optimistic and fun-loving. Before I began tapping I would wake up depressed and overwhelmed, but now I roll out of bed excited about the day. My anxiety and Limiting beliefs seem to be disappearing. I’m going after my dreams and passions.

So what is tapping? You have probably heard of acupuncture, EFT works in a similar way. For thousands of years, Eastern medicine practitioners have believed that our bodies contain energy pathways called “meridians”. These energy pathways often become blocked or sluggish due to trauma, illness, and negative thought patterns.

When acupuncture needles are inserted into the skin at certain points along these meridians, it releases energy that may be “stuck” and allows the free flow of energy through the meridians again. When the stuck energy is released, it usually clears up the problem(s) that were caused by the blockage.

Tapping works almost the same as acupuncture, except there are no needles involved. Instead, you tap lightly on the meridian end points while tuning into the problem mentally and emotionally, and this releases the stuck energy.

Tapping is still fairly young compared to other alternative treatments, but it is quickly gaining in popularity and people are getting astounding results from it. It’s being used successfully on mental, physical and emotional problems like addictions, post-traumatic stress, physical illnesses of almost every description, fears, phobias, weight problems, and even for dissonance from your divine purpose.

How EFT works

Think of an experience that made you angry or upset. If you continue to think about it, even if you try to ignore it, you’re building more and more neural pathways of stress and upset. The fact that this process gets stronger over time makes it even more essential that we interrupt the process of creating these negatively based neural connections, because any negative emotions or limiting belief will only get worse over time, not better.

Tapping interrupts this process. Tapping send signal to the brain to react with calm, not with fear or upset. It has been proven to drastically reduce cortisol levels. This in turn reduces stress. Any time you think about something upsetting , whether it’s an action that your about to take or a disturbing memory, tapping helps to neutralize it. (Canfield & Bruner, Tapping into Ultimate success, 6-7)

When you release dissonant emotional energy from your body, you improve your vibrational signal!

When your vibrational signal improves, you resonate with the divine power you want to attract into your life. So, when you tap to clear negative dissonant energies, what you’re really doing is tapping to clear feelings of anger, frustration, resentment, jealousy, fear, anxiety, and anything else that is blocking your ability to resonate with your divine purpose.

You can learn the official version of EFT and download a Quick Start PDF guide at this website: http://www.eftuniverse.com



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