The Law Resonance

The Law of Resonance

Resonance is a universal principle that works in our spiritual lives just as it does in a physics experiment. Here are some simple examples of how resonance works:

If we take two tuning forks of the same frequency and place them near each other and strike one of them, the sound waves will travel through the air and cause the other one to vibrate as well. We could say that they resonate with each other. However, if we use tuning forks of different frequencies the resonance does not occur. If the frequency of one matches the frequency of the other it picks up its vibrations. That is resonance! Resonance is when energy frequencies align, or vibrate in harmony.

We could also say that resonance is being in tune. A radio will pick up a radio signal if it is tuned-in to the same frequency as the signal. If you change the radio’s channel, or frequency, it will pick up different frequencies, or channels. That is resonance! So what does this have to do with divine purpose? You’ll see how this all works together as we move along.

So in order for me to experience resonance with my divine purpose, I must be transmitting an energy frequency that is in harmony with the frequency of my divine purpose.


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